Your home is incredibly special, and so you’re constantly thinking of ways to improve it. However, renovating is a costly and time-consuming job. How can you go about it without the excessive costs and massive disruptions? You can renovate room by room, leaving a couple of months in-between refurbishments. Not only does this spread out the cost, but it’ll give you time to recover from the stress of rejuvenating such a large space.

Why wait to remodel and have to save for renovation costs though? Instead, you can improve your home with the smallest of details in décor and color. If you’re looking to spruce up your space, you’ve come to the right place. Keep an open mind and know that you have the final say about what goes in your home. Look around the whole of the house and see which rooms need updating the most. See five ways to improve your house.

Include Rugs

Cozy up your home by adding new rugs. If you have hardwood flooring, make sure to pick a rug that’s big enough to keep your feet off the cold flooring during the winter months, but small enough not to cover this highly sort after feature.

Rugs are perfect because they can be easily replaced. If you ever tire of the color, pattern or design, buy a new one and transform whichever room you’re placing it in. A rug is an item which can tie the entire room together. Consider various shapes and colors when making your selection.

Install Additional Lighting

It’s important to have substantial lighting distributed around the house – both inside and outside. Not only does appropriate lighting allow you to set the mood and ambiance of a room, but it can also provide light to read and work beneath. You need to pick the right light for the room’s functionality – for example, an office needs good, strong lighting, whereas a living room could have a softer touch.

For the outside of your house, you want lights that provide security. Dusk to Dawn LED Lights from e-conolight, are reliable and last up to 150,000 hours, and means changing the bulbs doesn’t become such a regular chore. These lights are effective and energy efficient.  

Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint may be all your home needs to feel bright and charming. Pick out a color that’s going to illuminate the room and complement the furniture. Painting can be a great and fun DIY painting project for you to complete. Paint is also a budget-friendly way to make your room look and feel like new.

Add A Bookshelf

A bookshelf can complete any room – it’s sophisticated and offers an insight into the homeowner’s personality. For the kitchen, display all your favorite cookbooks; the living room, anything you wish. Organize and decorate neatly: consider stacking vertically instead of horizontally; and rather than alphabetizing your collection, color coordinate your literature instead. If you don’t want to spend the money buying one, it’s a doable project for over a long weekend.

Your home is yours to personalize, and so, do with it what your please. Take your time and implement small products. These are a few ideas on how to transform and improve your home.