The world of criminal justice is an exciting area of study – but it’s even more exciting as a profession. Hundreds of thousands of people pursue careers in a wide variety of fields relating to criminal justice, making it one of the most versatile career fields in which to work. Many people have a particular type of job in mind when they pursue a criminal justice degree, just as many have a particular image in their minds of what “criminal justice” entails. Despite this, there are many pathways toward a career with a degree in criminal justice. If you’re wondering what you can do with such a degree, then keep reading to find out what jobs are open.


  • Law Enforcement/Police Officer


Arguably one of the most common professions for those pursuing a criminal justice degree online or in-person, police officers and other law enforcement figures are always needed. At present, demand for law enforcement is growing at roughly twice the rate of the national jobs market, making it a ripe target for those pursuing careers that provide stability. Whether you decide to work as a police officer on the street or behind a desk providing critical functions, the need for law enforcement officials under the umbrella of the police department is one of the most popular pathways for those pursuing this degree.


  • Detective


Another exciting career choice for those seeking a criminal justice degree is in the world of detective work. Many private investigators and detectives have backgrounds in criminal justice, leveraging their knowledge sets into full-time careers. Detectives can be employed either by local governments in an official capacity or can provide their services to private citizens. Whatever route you choose, detective work remains a critical necessity in solving crimes and uncovering valuable information in day-to-day life.


  • Federal Agent


Much like there is a need for local law enforcement officials, the federal government needs able bodies as well. Whether you have dreamed of a career with the CIA, the FBI, the Post Office, or Border Patrol, there are dozens of government agencies where law enforcement agents and officials provide valuable services to the public. A masters in criminal justice online or from a standard university is often required for these jobs, but the pay, benefits, and quality of life all make the experience worth it.


  • Forensics


The field of forensics is broad and covers a wide variety of areas. From forensics that deals with blood and other human materials to the world of computer forensics, most people in this line of work pursued an education in the field of criminal justice. Most of these jobs pay more than the median salary, meaning that you’ll enjoy good pay and stable employment in most instances. Whether the job is in the public or private sector, forensics are among some of the most valuable agents in the world of criminal justice.

There are literally dozens of different careers you can consider with a degree in criminal justice. The great thing about a criminal justice degree is that it opens so many potential doors in your professional life.