For many people, going on vacation is about enjoying new sights and experiencing different cultures. There is often an emphasis placed on the external world: which landmarks to visit, which areas to explore, and which photos will look best in your albums or on social media platforms. However, this is not the only approach to traveling.

It is also possible, and advisable, to focus on your personal well-being. Why not use your trip abroad as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself? This will result in a vacation that is truly restorative because you will have taken the time to relax and reflect. Below are suggestions for how you can transform your holiday into an exercise in self-love.

Get back to nature

Whatever trip you are planning, make sure to integrate nature into your schedule. If you are hoping for a city-break, take time to explore its parks and gardens. If you are heading to a more rural area, plan lots of long walks and picnics. You could also look into hiring bikes or boats as an alternative method for exploring the great outdoors. This will help you to relax and to feel a million miles away from the stresses and strains of daily life.

Massage therapy

Having a massage is something most people forget to do at home, let alone abroad. However, if you are truly dedicated to taking care of yourself this vacation, why not indulge in a spot of massage therapy. If you are planning a trip to the British capital city of London, why not arrange for a massage in Enfield? This experience will help you to reduce stress and remove tension. The trained massage therapists will use natural, scent-free vitoleum oils that will soften your skin and soothe your soul.

Bathe in the hot springs

An exciting way to take care of yourself this vacation is to visit the Icelandic hot springs. These springs act as a natural stress relief and are known to gift visitors with the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had. The hot springs will also help your external self, as they have the ability to aide skin problems and provide natural relief for pain.

Visit a yoga retreat

Yoga retreats have become a huge trend in self-care tourism. If you have your heart set on a specific location, you will surely be able to find somewhere close by that will provide you with a yoga experience. Even if you don’t want to invest in a full retreat, why not use your holiday as an opportunity to try out a yoga class? If it goes well, you will have found a positive new hobby and if it’s not for you, you’ll never have to see your classmates again!

Whatever you do this vacation, make sure that you focus on relaxation. The benefits of this approach include: protecting your heart, boosting your immune system, improving your memory, keeping you slim, and reducing your acne. If your time away manages to make any, or all, of these changes, surely that is money well spent. Don’t look at your vacation as simply an investment in travel, instead look at it as an investment in yourself.