Modern tech is helping children and their parents in a lot of really cool ways. But it’s essential that people understand the risks that come with the introduction of more technology – especially in the form of smartphones and similar devices – into the lives of children. They can all be avoided if you play your cards right, however!

Concentration problems

A lot of people think that our attention spans have been taking a massive nosedive over the past few years. This isn’t actually true, but it is true that people are more inclined to keep checking their devices out of habit. The problem with these devices is that they give you something else to pay attention to if something else isn’t grabbing your interest – which is a big problem if you’re supposed to be paying attention to the latter! These devices can be great educational tools if used in the right way – ensure your child is still keeping most of their focus on things like homework.

Online safety

One of the biggest fears for many parents is the presence of danger online. There are websites that aren’t kid-friendly, and the people with whom you communicate online may not be who they claim to be. Thankfully, there are plenty of things out there that can help you keep an eye on your kid’s online safety. Consider getting a parental control app if you’re particularly worried about this. There are more safety measures being made available all the time, so don’t be too concerned!

Reduced sleep

These devices aren’t great for anyone’s sleeping schedule, let alone a kid’s. That artificial light, combined with the interactivity of things like phones and tablets, puts your brain in a hyperactive state that makes it difficult to sleep. People assume that much of the problem is with the use of these devices while their child is in bed and supposed to be sleeping, but the problems take place even before that. You may want to consider not letting your child use these devices in the couple of hours or so before bed. Explain to them the importance of getting a good night’s sleep and hopefully they won’t complain too much!

Fewer books

Books shouldn’t be seen as merely something to do to pass the time; reading can engage children so thoroughly if they’re introduced to the right books. The problem is that a lot of kids (and their parents) seem to see reading as a mere pastime, which means that they see increased device usage as simply another way of passing that time. The truth is that reading is so beneficial to the mental development of your child that a device which distracts them from reading is a bigger problem than you might think.


Getting these devices repaired can be pretty expensive. Unfortunately, kids are way more likely to damage them in some way that requires a repair. This is why you should definitely take care when it comes to warranties and insurance policies. But, of course, the best thing you can do is ensure your children know how to best take care of these gadgets. Getting protective covers for tablets and phones can definitely help prevent the need for expensive repairs!