A lot of people aren’t using their garage to actually store a car; they’re often filling their garages with the sort of superfluous junk for which they can’t find another place in their home. Even those who do use their garages to store cars often aren’t filling the potential of the space.

If you want to do more with your garage, then you should aim to make it look and feel a lot more professional. Thankfully, this isn’t a project that requires an ultra expensive and complex renovation by professionals – you can DIY!

The clearout

The first thing you want to do, of course, is get it cleared out. If you actually are storing a car in there, get it parked elsewhere for a couple of days. If your garage is stuffed with junk, then its time to do some serious decluttering. Don’t cling onto things you don’t need; the chances are that most of the stuff you’re storing in your garage is probably not on your list of beloved belongings or essential equipment. Don’t let wayward possessions simply build up – declutter!

Floor plan

At this point, your garage should be as clear as possible. Once it’s in this state, it’s much easier to see how much space you have and what you can do with it. You should consider getting a floor plan together. Measure the space so you’ve got the right dimensions, then draw a bird’s-eye sketch of everything. You could even use design software to map everything out in a similar fashion. This helps give you an accurate scale of the place, which is the best way to figure out how to move forward.


Garages tend to get pretty dusty and mucky, so it may be best to give the place a thorough wash. Once everything is dry, you’ll probably want to give the place a new lick of paint. The walls of your average garage usually have peeling or crumbling paint, so you’ll want to renew that. Depending on what you want to use the garage for, you may want to consider using epoxy floor paint, which helps make your garage looks very professional indeed. This being said, a typical stone floor is probably going to be best if you’re keeping a car in there!


So when was the last time you used the tools in this garage? When people have been neglecting their garage, they often find that the bulk of their tools have gone a bit rusty or blunt. It might be time to give your equipment a bit of an update. If you really want to add a vibe of professionalism, then make sure you research new tools and get the best. From the most user-friendly stick welder on the market right now to critically-acclaimed cordless power tools, make sure you get equipment befitting the new professionalism of your garage!


Of course, many families may find that they still need to keep a bunch of stuff stored in their garage! In this case, you may want to look at some new storage solutions in your garage. Something you could consider is overhead sliding storage solutions, which is something else for which you can easily take the DIY approach! This helps keep things out the way, giving you more walking space.