Get Your Kitchen Spring Cleaning Onnnn!

Spring has sprung, and many of us will focus our attention on our homes, perhaps wanting to declutter and spring clean, or simply just reorganize our homes. One room, in particular, is the hub of the home, the kitchen, and often can be forgotten when it comes to clearing out those cupboards. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can spring clean your kitchen and get this important room back on track.


Prepare yourself for the task

It’s never inspiring to start a cleaning chore, especially something as big as a kitchen spring clean, but it’s vital to prepare yourself for the task ahead. A few good tips would be to put on some good tunes that have a high-intensity beat to motivate you and make sure you have all the products and cleaning tools you need to take on the job. Remove any non-kitchen clutter to ensure that you know exactly what surface area you have to work with.

Clearing out the pantry

One of the biggest issues we can be faced with is the pantry, and often it needs a good spring clean like any other room or cupboard in your home. Your pantry houses many ingredients you might use daily, perhaps those baking products like bicarbonate soda or cream of tartar, it may house flour, rice or dried pasta.

Things like these will have dates on, but as they are dried ingredients that are used a lot, we don’t tend to check them as often as e should. If you find that they have gone out of date simply thrown them away, and make a note of what you need to replace. Sometimes ingredients like cream of tartar are things you don’t use so it may be worth considering if you repurchase it.

If you research enough, you can find a cream of tartar substitute that happens to be an ingredient that you use more frequently, or already have access to. Your pantry could also do with a reorganize at this time, perhaps making sure you can see what you have. Time and time again people will purchase things they already have, simply because they can’t see they already have it.  

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Empty all the cupboards and clean them out

We can often clear our cupboards and drawers out, but yet fail to give them a clean and disinfect them. These cupboards will hold food ingredients, and even the plates and cooking utensils we use. Bacteria and germs can hide in some of the hardest to reach areas, so if you commit to clearing out the cupboards ensure you give them a clean. It might be worth making this a quarterly chore, where you empty each cupboard and then clean them out.

Check the dates on all cans and dried foods

Just like you would do in the pantry, in any other part of your kitchen where you house food ingredients, be that the fridge, the freezer or any other cupboards, it’s worth checking the dates on those food items to ensure that you haven’t got something that is out of date. In turn, if you don’t check you could accidentally cook the item, which could then make you ill with something like food poisoning. Things like frozen items are something we are less likely to check but definitely should do more frequently.


Come up with a cleaning schedule for those tough chores

One of the biggest tasks that you can undergo is creating a cleaning schedule, but not just for your home, but for the kitchen specifically. There are plenty of chores we probably don’t do as often as we should, for example, cleaning the oven or even the fridge and freezer. Creating a cleaning schedule can ensure that you itemize when those jobs are done.

Other things to consider adding to it would be cleaning out the washing machine or any dishwasher machines that you may use. Also things like the windows, and then adding the pantry reorganization and cupboard clearouts. This way it won’t feel like such a huge chore to overcome at this time of year.

Tackle the bin

The bin is one place that needs to be cleaned regularly, but again is possibly something we don’t do often enough. Using a disinfectant and then letting it dry outside is a great way to ensure that you keep the bin area hygienic.

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I hope these tips help you get your kitchen all cleaned ready for the next few months ahead. Have any more tips for kitchen spring cleaning? Leave me a comment! 



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