Despite what they tell you at High School, it’s not nearly as easy to become pregnant as you may think. In fact, it becomes harder and harder the older we get. That doesn’t mean you’ll struggle necessarily, but you may want to take more time with regards to your family planning. Now you have a child or children, there are certainly more things to consider. These could soon become the challenges that you might need to face before becoming pregnant again.

One of the most difficult challenges to face are the costs. If you need to pay for your medical care in full, this might put you off having another pregnancy. As you may have noticed already, kids cost a fortune too! Sure, you have plenty of hand-me-downs and all the baby things you’ll need. But one day there may be college costs to think about. And you’re only a couple of years away from needing a bigger food budget.

After raising your other children to school age, you might be considering returning to your career. Wanting a little bit more ‘me’ time certainly isn’t selfish, either. Going back to twenty-four-hour care with a newborn can be enough to put you off becoming pregnant at this stage of your life. You’re going to need plenty of energy to provide enough attention for all the family. Now could be a good time to address your diet and exercise programs.

If you’re feeling fit, healthy, and ready to try, don’t be surprised if you don’t fall pregnant straight away. Timing really is everything. You can take ovulation tests each month to find the best day to try again. Of course, the disappointment you may face each month can be quite hard to bear. You may choose to seek help with your fertility after a few months of negative results.

There are still plenty of options here. You might need hormone supplements to boost your fertility. You could even consider adopting a child or baby. Some people find that surrogacy may be an option. Always thoroughly research your options and how to become a surrogate, so you know the full details of what is required. The desire to carry another child can sometimes be quite overwhelming.

When you have children already, tensions may rise if they aren’t initially welcoming of the idea of a new arrival. Kids can become jealous, or simply feel they are inadequate if you have another child. All of these feelings are completely normal and usually subside very quickly. The excitement of another brother or sister coming soon takes over so don’t be disheartened by their initial reaction.

It’s normal to question your decision to have another child many times over before becoming pregnant. It’s good to weigh up all the pros and cons of your timing and choices. Even your partner may have several changes of heart while you’re thinking about things yourself. Don’t forget, even if the time isn’t right now, it doesn’t mean it’s a no forever.