Never underestimate the importance of the style of your bedroom! We’re going to take a quick look at the things you should consider when choosing a bedroom style or particular design.

Focusing on Personality

A lot of people want their bedroom to be a strong representation of their personality. It could be argued that however you choose to design your bedroom will reflect your personality to some extent, but some people prefer to make the reflection of their personality the main goal, as opposed to a side effect of making other decisions.


There are two main ways in which you can approach this. The first is to simply not put that much focus on designing a bedroom, and to instead allow a particular style (or lack thereof) to emerge as you use your room for various things. The problem with this approach is that it can often lead to clutter; make sure you fight back from time to time!

The other way to do this is to actively pick a theme. This requires you to think about the colors and images that are associated with your chosen focus. Posters, art, sculptures, bed sheets – these are all contributors to the vibe.


Many would argue that your bedroom shouldn’t really be used for anything other than relaxation. The idea is that this makes your bedroom a place in which your brain can begin to unwind; your mind will associate your room with relaxation immediately, thus making it easier to get to sleep every night. With this in mind, you’ll want to focus primarily on the bed and chairs in your room.


Your bed needs to be perfect for sleep whatever style of bedroom you choose, so we won’t focus on that too much. When it comes to seating, you’ll want something that encourages relaxation. This means that it doesn’t necessarily have to be something built for a workspace or combination with a surface, like many chairs are; you could look into adult bean bags, for example.

As for other items, you’ll want to keep it limited. Items you use for yoga and meditation can be great examples. The color scheme also needs to be something that encourages relaxation.

A Creative Space

Because so many people don’t have a spare room, most people use their bedrooms as the place in which they can do their own work when solitude is required. This is why most home offices are actually just a computer and a desk in someone’s bedroom! When people think about bedrooms for creative types, they usually think of quite messy, disorganized places. This doesn’t have to be the case.

It might be best for you to look at some inspiration when it comes to successful bedrooms for creatives. But you may also want to consider more than the simple layout of the room. For example, soundproofing your room will help you concentrate.

Keeping things tidy so that you’ve got some space to pace around is essential (after all, sitting down all day is bad for you!). You should also be open to keeping inspiring items on display; art and books are the obvious (and best) examples!