Scenic, sophisticated and packed with places of cultural and historical significance, Vienna has become a favorite city break for many travelers. However, in recent year’s it’s steadily grown in popularity with families too, as there’s so much for younger generations to enjoy. If you’re thinking of planning another group getaway, take a look at just a few of the must-see places that are perfect for children and adults alike.

Wurstelprater Amusement Park

This should be top of the list for anyone travelling with children. Otherwise known as just “Prater”, this large public park in Vienna’s 2nd district has that classic carnival feel, but with a quaint Viennese twist. Packed with rides, sweet stalls and games, the most well-known attraction here is the vintage Ferris wheel, the Wiener Riesenrad.

Not only has it become a popular meeting place, as it dominates the skyline of Vienna, but it’s iconic shape has become synonymous with Austria’s capital, and has come to symbolize the district for tourists and locals alike.

Vienna State Opera House

For centuries, Vienna has been associated with its musical contribution to the world. With composers such as Franz Schubert and Wolfgang Mozart having been born within this fair city, the local residents are incredibly proud of their roots, wanting to keep the passion for music alive.

That said, a favorite past time among many who visit the area is to take in an aria at the Vienna State Opera House – just make sure you pick up your tickets in advance from, as it books up fast! Even if you find yourself a little lost in the language, you can always appreciate the stunningly luxurious surroundings. Plus, your little ones won’t miss out either; keen to engage children in this important side of Vienna, shorter, child-friendly operas have been written to get them excited about music.

Schönbrunn Palace and Zoo

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about Vienna’s history and the Imperia Era, head to the magnificent Schönbrunn Palace for a taste of decadence and extravagance at its best. Proudly listed on the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, this seventeenth century palace was commissioned by Emperor Leopold I as merely a hunting lodge. Decades down the line, it has been restored to its full baroque glory, and allows millions of visitors to walk through a piece of history. For the kids, there’s even a dressing up section, where they can wear Imperial clothing and learn what it was like to be a child at the time.

Tucked away in its extensive gardens though, you’ll find an even more impressive attraction: the oldest zoo in the world! Complete with preserved baroque architecture, the Tiergarten Schönbrunn now runs as a species preservation and general nature conservation zoo, home to hundreds of species, with its own rainforest habitat, aquarium and polarium.

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