An Adult House Party to Remember

Have you ever been to a house party that’s been played up to be the house party of the century, only to arrive and find a group of people sat on the sofas, watching TV? If you’re planning an adult house party, you want it to be memorable. It’s about creating an atmosphere that allows people to let their guard down. Somewhere that makes people feel comfortable but encourages some mischief too. So, how do you do that?

Who to Invite to Your House Party

You’d think the advice would be to invite the people you know will have the most fun. Quite the contrary. Invite everyone. Don’t just knock on your neighbour’s door and tell them it could be loud for a few hours, invite them to attend. They’re far less likely to complain about the noise then. It’s also a great chance to get to know them better. Although, if you know things may get a bit wild during the night, you may want to reconsider your grandmother’s invitation.

House Party Tip – Lie!

No-one ever turns up at the start time. In fact, if your start time has been given out by word of mouth, people may have different times anyway. If you know that some of your guests tend to be late to events, tell them 7pm instead of 8pm. It’s a matter of working it all out in your favour. A steady flow of people coming through the door means you’ll have time to speak to everyone and mingle in between.

Get the Cocktails Ready

All of your guests will have different tastes but you can never go wrong with a cocktail menu. Whether you decide to make them yourself during a designated ‘cocktail hour’ or you ask someone to ‘tend bar’ all night, they’ll go down a storm. If you really want to impress, you could unveil a new wine cooler from the website Cooling Wine. It’s a must have for wine lovers because it’s practical and looks wonderful in the home.

Put Away Valuables

No matter how fun you want your party to be, it’s always a good idea to lock away any valuables or breakables. A quick slip of the foot or an over exaggerated hand gesture could have your heir loom smashed all over the floor. It’s also sensible to remove any medications from bathroom cabinets. This isn’t because you don’t trust the people in your home, but you may not want them to know you’re currently suffering from haemorrhoids.

House Party Ice Breakers

It can sometimes take a while for people to settle in. That first hour before everyone’s had a drink can give way to some awkward silences. Why not try some ice breaking games to get everyone in the spirit? Of course, music also works wonders. As soon as the first person starts dancing, everyone tends to loosen up a bit. If you’re feeling brave, you can move onto drinking games later on in the evening. Remember to pick up some garbage bags for the clean-up in the morning!