When you’re planning your child’s birthday bash, you probably have a lot of exciting and, let’s face it, expensive, ideas in mind. You might, for instance, be thinking about planning a trip to a nearby theme park. Or perhaps a game of laser quest. The problem with this idea is that you might not just be paying for your own child. You could be paying for all the guests, and that can be quite costly.

You could ask guests to pay for themselves, but you might get some kids who can’t afford to pay. If there are children like this, they will be left out, and it can make the whole party a little bit of a downer. That’s why you might want to throw a party at home instead. There are plenty of ways to make this fun, exciting and just as good as a birthday party with a trip or an event. Here are some great ideas for the home birthday party.

Choose A Theme

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If you plan a themed birthday party, you can make it feel like an event for the kids even if it is at home. For instance, you can choose a princess themed party. Encourage all the guests to dress up as their favorite princess and then choose activities that match this type of possibility. For instance, a dancing sing along activity is a great idea, and it should keep the kids entertained for at least a few hours

Themed parties aren’t just for young girls either. Star Wars is back in stylish right now, and there’s no reason your back garden can’t become a Jedi training ground. Buy some cheap lightsabers for the kids to play with, and they’ll have a lot of fun.

Don’t forget to put the theme on whichever free printable birthday invitations you use. Otherwise, you’ll get at least one child showing up without fancy dress and feeling left out.

Set Up A Play Area

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If you’re throwing a birthday party at home, think about transforming one area of your house into a play area for kids. This can be filled with lots of different activities from arts and crafts to movies and music.

Don’t forget, there are lots of party games that you can throw at home like musical chairs. It’s easy to set up a game like this and pass the parcel is another classic that’s easy to do. There’s a reason why these are so loved. They’re fun and in the case of pass the parcel, a chance to have the little ones sitting down quietly.  

Special Guests


Finally, you might be throwing the party at home, but you can still bring in a little excitement with a special guest. For instance, you can hire a wonderful magician for your child’s birthday party. That way, you can keep them entertained while you’re preparing the food or setting up the next activity. You’ll find that there are plenty of people available to hire for birthday parties from clowns to superheroes and fairy princesses.