If your family is planning a move, then a storage unit will be an asset that will help you sell your home and make the move less hectic. Here’s how renting a storage unit will make the transition more successful.

A Storage Unit Will Help You Sell Your Home

A home that is full of stuff looks small compared to one of the same size that has plenty of open floor space, shelves that aren’t cluttered and walls that are relatively free of pictures and décor. The New York Times Home and Garden writer Tim McKeough says, “Making an effort to clear out clutter and to ensure that your home is neat and tidy…is common advice in real estate circles.”

A storage unit is the perfect way to do this without getting rid of items you use and value. Put your belongings into labeled boxes and bins for safe-keeping. This will make finding what you want and organizing your new home much easier on the other end of the move.

There’s another reason a storage unit can help you sell your home. Buyer’s want to envision themselves in the home they purchase. When they see your family everywhere – in vacation pictures on the wall, in the books and CDs you love and other personalized items, they have a harder time picturing themselves living there.

Plus, says McKeough, potential buyers, “want the feeling that if they move in there, it will be organized, clean and attractive. If they walk into a cluttered, messy space, there’s none of that feeling that life will be better.”

A Storage Unit Makes Packing Easier

If you’re not hiring professionals for the job, then you know that packing is a process that takes weeks, done bit by bit as time allows. Having a place to move your packed items to simplifies the process. You won’t have bins, boxes and equipment piled in the garage or front hall or stacked for homebuyers to see, causing them to think the home must not have enough storage space!

A Storage Unit Takes Stress Out of Moving Day and Beyond

Without a storage unit, every single box of books, piece of furniture, tool, toy and treasure must go into your new living space. Unpacking becomes an unpleasant rush to organize your new home, deciding on the fly where everything should go.

A saner and easier approach is to move only the essentials into your home and place the rest in storage. This puts you in control of the process and allows you to sort items, take them home and place them in a relaxed way. Another advantage of this approach is that you can leave things in a storage unit like those at Sentry Mini-Storage Inc. They won’t be cluttering up your new home!

Find your Storage Unit Today

Storage facilities have a range of units. Let the agent know what you want to store, and you’ll get a recommendation for the right size for your needs. Secure a unit before you put your home on the market, and selling your home and relocating will be a much pleasanter experience.