Unfortunately, children sometimes have to deal with rough transitional situations early in life. When those situations occur, there are some basic steps you can take to help your child make it through. The coping techniques they learn in childhood can help them throughout their life.

Changing Schools

Changing to a new school can be a significant life event for a child. Once a child becomes comfortable in a certain school, having to leave their friends and familiar surroundings can trigger stress. Taking your child on a tour of the new school, pointing out the similarities to their old school and helping them find activities to get involved in can make the transition easier. Try to keep a familiar routine at home during this transitional time.


During and after a divorce, parents should consistently reassure children that they are loved and are in no way a contributing factor to the divorce. It’s important to let the children express their emotions in a safe and constructive way. Emotions such as fear, anger and depression may surface during this time. Therefore, it may be necessary to seek professional counseling to help your child through this life changing event.


Moving to another city, state or country signals a major change for kids. Leaving familiar places and faces can be scary. Seeking the services of professionals, such as those at Bekins Van Lines Inc, will enable you to focus your attention on helping your child make the transition. Rather than running around trying to gather moving supplies you can spend some time taking your child around town to say goodbye to friends and family and showing them the new town either by visiting it or by exploring it on the internet.


The manner in which you explain death to a child varies according to their age and their level of comprehension. Whether it’s the death of a pet, friend or family member that your child is dealing with, you should provide an opportunity for them to say goodbye. Closure is an essential part of the healing process. Offer them an outlet of expression for the mixed emotions they’re experiencing. It can be very helpful to a child to assist them in memorializing the pet or person who has died.

Life changing and lifestyle altering events can be difficult for young children to adjust to. It’s essential to be attentive to their emotions in order to help them through these changes.