Great Community Leaders

From my experience as a lifestyle coach and motivational speaker, I can honestly say that communities across the country are the elements that actually drive us forward as a nation.

Schools and local communities are helping more people achieve their goals as well as affecting changes in different parts of the country. You too can be part of this trend. In fact, you can be on the leading edge of change by becoming a community leader or a counselor.

Before you get started, there are 10 qualities you need to develop in order to be effective. Counseling courses online from top names such as Wake Forest University will help you get there.

Self-awareness is a great place to start; knowing more about yourself can help you make the necessary improvements to be effective in helping others. I’m still regularly evaluating my strengths and weaknesses in an attempt to be better and helping others; you can too.

The 10 Qualities of Great Community Leaders infographic has all the information you need to start making an impact in your community.

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Think about the community leaders you know. Which of these qualities do they have?