A happy family is the key to a happy life. Unfortunately, not every family feels as happy as they’d like. Before you start to despair, though, you should know that there are at least four great ways to make your family feel happier. The four actions below can change how your family interacts for the better.

Take a Look At Your Schedule

If you’re feeling tired and run down, there’s a good chance that the rest of your family feels the same. Take a few minutes to look at your schedule and figure out what can be moved around or cut down. The time you spend with your family should be a priority, not something you just fit in – so make sure you adjust your schedule accordingly. If you can eliminate wasted time, you might be able to fill those spaces in your schedule with the quality time your family deserves.

Get More (and Better) Sleep

If you aren’t sleeping, you aren’t happy. Make sure everyone in your family is getting the proper amount of rest, and make sure that the rest they get is meaningful. If you have old or uncomfortable mattresses, there’s no doubt that everyone in your home is a bit crankier because of a lack of sleep. Whether you check out Dreamland for a new mattress or just start setting a later alarm, a bit more sleep can be just the cure for what ails you.

Sit Down to a Meal

No matter how busy you are, make sure that there’s one true family meal every week. You don’t have to make it fancy, but do make it a time for your family to sit down together and talk. One of the best ways to make your family happier is to give one another the time to connect once again.

Get Out of the House

Your family needs to work as a unit, and sometimes that means leaving the home. Take a vacation, even if it’s within your same town, to leave behind the stress of everyday life and remember what it’s like to be together. As family members grow older and drift apart, it’s good to go to new locations and remember what it was like to experience things together.

Whether you are slowing down, finding time, or just getting a better night’s sleep, you can change the way your family interacts. With a little work, your family can become much happier. Remember, your family matters – and anything you do to make them happier will make you happier as well.