Wouldn’t it be nice to see the beauty of the world and still have the comfort of knowing you’re stably employed? Most people don’t associate travel and relocating with stability, but there are actually a number of careers that offer the best of both worlds. In fact, some of the most travel-friendly occupations actually require you to travel or relocate to different countries, practically forcing you to see random and exciting places as you journey through your career like water through a stream. Then there are jobs that are in high demand almost everywhere, so you can pretty much pick where you want to live without losing your source of income, like these:

1. Nursing

Almost all developed nations are currently experiencing a nursing shortage, which means you can walk into just about any hospital in any country, apply for a nursing position, and you’ll have a good chance of being hired. This field is particularly conducive to relocating throughout the United States, the UK, Canada, and other predominantly English speaking countries, although the boundaries are limitless if you’re willing to learn new languages. Even the process of becoming a nurse can be done from anywhere there’s an internet connection using a distance learning option like Bradley University, and you can also advance your career with a BSN to DNP online program while working abroad.

2. Telecommuting and Marketing

A degree in communication, telecommunication, and/or marketing can equip you with the credentials needed to land telecommuting jobs and launch a marketing career. In today’s world, every marketing campaign is managed online, so you’ll be able to find plenty of work without having to report to a physical office every day, and if you choose to relocate and would rather have an in-house position, every company needs marketing and advertising professionals.

3. Photography

A career in photography and film could have you seeing some of the most impressive and exotic destinations in the world. Becoming a travel or wedding photographer will put you in a position to travel to your clients’ vacations or weddings, and your perks and pay typically include the cost of travel tickets to and from the destination.

4. Archaeologist

Much like photographers, archaeologists pretty much only visit the cool places. On top of traveling and relocating to foreign countries, you’ll get other perks like handling and discovering ancient relics and artifacts, experiencing and becoming educated about antiquated aspects of various cultures, and best of all – you’ll be paid a decent salary and will earn historical credits along the way.

5. English Teacher

It’s no secret that the world is adopting English as a global form of communication. So many countries are pushing their students to learn English that the demand has produced a huge travel opportunity for English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers. Much like nursing, these jobs are typically more stable, but you’ll have the freedom of relocating to another country at any time.

Advancing Your Career Abroad and On the Road

Another great advantage provided by the careers mentioned above is that you’ll be able to continue advancing your career and furthering your education during your off-time. For example, a registered nurse can study to earn a nurse practitioner doctorate degree while working for a hospital or other healthcare facility.