Have you been looking around your master bedroom feeling like it’s missing the “magic” if you will? If that’s the case then it’s time for a redesign to something more romantic, comfortable, and welcoming. Here’s a look at the top ways to transform the space and create that romantic atmosphere your bedroom is deserving of.

Start with the Bed

A good place to start is with your actual bed. Nothing says “romance” like handmade wooden four poster beds by Revival Beds. Because these beds are handmade from wood, you know they will last for generations. What’s fun about four poster beds is that you can take it further and really dress them up. Think about adding drapes, a swag from sheer material, a canopy, or even use netting draped from the ceiling if you like.

A good idea is to keep things loose and natural, this helps to achieve that “romance” look you’re going for. As well, opt for light neutral colors so it doesn’t feel too dark and confined.

Add Throw Pillows Where Possible

Be sure to add throw pillows to your bed and any seating you may have in your room. A great tip is not to be overly concerned with having them match. Instead keep them in a similar color palette and then pick unique pillows that help to highlight the features in your room. You want the pillows to exude a casual elegance rather than being stiff and formal.

Opt for Soft Luxurious Linens

Another area that you can add romance to is the bedding. Soft luxurious fabrics are always an excellent choice, not just for your sheets but also for throws, your duvet, or comforter. You want linens that call to you and are comfortable to cuddle up in.

Make a Statement through Lighting

Lighting is an element that shouldn’t be overlooked with redesigning a space. In fact, the light fixture you choose is able to completely set the tone of the room. For a truly romantic look why not pick a luxurious looking chandelier rather than your typical and rather bland standard fixture. The chandelier shouldn’t be too large, but should convey that sense of romance. If you install a dimmer switch you will be able to control how bright it is, allowing you to use low lighting.

Get Rid of the TV

If you truly want your bedroom to be romantic, then there is no place for a TV or any tech gadgets for that matter. Keep the TV in your living room, and leave the bedroom as a quiet and serene space.

Keep Things Organised

Lastly you will want to try your best to make sure that clutter is put away so that the room doesn’t become unappealing to walk into. A messy unorganized room is not inviting and it’s certainly not relaxing and romantic.

With just a bit of planning and organisation you’ll be on your way to having that gorgeous and romantic master bedroom you have been dreaming about.