Families usually prefer to move during the summer when the kids are out of school, and the weather is cooperative. This scenario doesn’t always occur, however, because jobs and family commitments might call for a move during another season. Autumn isn’t a bad time to move, but you’ll need to prepare your household for a smooth transition. Take a look at these steps that can help you handle a big family move this fall.

Announce the News Early On 

Most moving plans are known several weeks or months before the big day. Don’t keep any secrets within the household. Sit everyone down, and announce the news. Depending on the family members, they’ll need some time to process the information. You also need time to schedule a reputable moving company. Announcing the move in the spring or summer will give everyone time to research and hire the perfect movers.

Hire Professionals

According to the professional movers in Salt Lake City at RedmanVan and Storage Co, it is easier to move out of and into a new home with more helping hands. This way you don’t cause yourself or any other family members more strain during the move. In other words, the less you have to do, the easier it will be to focus on your family and other important things during this crazy time.

Sign the Kids Up for School

Your children might be wary about the move because of school changes. As soon as possible, sign the kids up at their new school. Try to take them on a tour of the facility when you visit the destination city before the move. Acclimating the kids to their new surroundings will help them adjust to the move in a healthier way. Your movers may even have a few suggestions about the area if they hail from that location.

Plan Out the Moving Route

The fall usually has some spectacular natural wonders, especially in Utah. Pick a moving route between the two households that’s logical yet exciting. Ask the movers to drive along a highway that offers views of trees turning fall colors. By picking a scenic route, everyone will be more excited about the transition compared to a standard freeway ride. The planned route also helps the movers with their driving directions and needs for a larger vehicle.

Involve the Kids With Packing

Families who work together will have a fun time moving in the fall. The kids may be in their regular school right now, but ask them to pitch in with packing on the weekend. They can pack their rooms and help the adults with other items around the home. Involving the kids with the packing gives them a sense of responsibility. Because they’re an important part of the move, they’ll be more inclined to accept the transition and move forward.

Prep the New Home

Most families are incredibly busy during the fall. School, work and extracurricular activities are in full swing. Try to visit the new home before the move if the previous tenants have already left the property. Perform any cleaning or replacement tasks in the home at this point. With the home fully prepped, your fall move will be a turnkey situation. Simply place the furniture in each room, and you’re practically finished.

Bring Distractions for the Road

The kids may have loved packing up for the move, but the actual driving time might not be that exciting. Kids can work on their homework, read books or watch movies on their devices. Keep the kids distracted so that the long ride isn’t a hardship. Adults can use this quiet time to plan the unpacking phase that should be quick compared to packing time itself.

It’s nearly impossible to have a perfect move where there aren’t any obstacles to overcome. Prepare yourself as well as possible, and remain calm when an issue arises. Consider the bigger picture because the move is only a temporary task in life. You’ll be settled in the new home in no time.