There are few factors that contribute to a great tasting cup of coffee. It starts with pure water, but you also need beans or grounds from sources like JavaFly, as well as the knowledge of how your coffee needs to be brewed, based upon your brewing method and the coffee’s own unique characteristics. Think of coffee as an art form, rather than something that you chug just to stay awake, and you’ll be able to make an irresistible cup of Joe every time.

Always Purchase High Quality Beans

In order to make a great tasting cup of coffee, you need to buy high quality beans. To find the right beans that you’ll enjoy, do some research into where your favorite coffee brand or your favorite coffee shop is getting its beans from. Also keep in mind that the soil that the beans are grown in can affect their taste. And if you care about the environment and you can afford it, always purchase organic beans rather than conventional. After all, coffee is one of the most pesticide-ridden crops in the world, and nobody needs toxic residue in their morning cup.

Set the Correct Water Temperature

As with certain teas, the temperature of your water can change the outcome of your coffee. You don’t want to buy a good quality bean that’s been roasted properly, only to scald the grinds with water that’s too hot, or to merely rinse the grinds with water that’s too cold to properly extract the oils and flavor that you’re paying for.

You want your water to hit an average of about 200 degrees to ensure the proper brew. However, the water quality is a big factor as well. If you’re using an electric drip system with hard water, those mineral deposits in the water tank will eventually start ruining the coffee’s flavor, so make sure your water is filtered, clean, and as pure as possible. Again, if you’re spending good money on quality beans, don’t ruin them with tap water.

Brewing Methods

Finally, after taking stock of your water and bean quality, consider how you’re brewing your coffee. Some of the best coffee is made by the Chemex method, in which you place a filter over a carafe and pour already heated water over your freshly ground beans. It works like a drip system, but you have more control.

If that’s too much work, instead of your average drip system, you can look into a system that utilizes Keurig k-cups. With Keurig machines, the water is heated consistently each time and the grounds are airtight in convenient pods, as well as ground to just the right size and amount for the brewing method. This is probably your best bet if you want high quality brews without all the work and attention to detail that would be necessary if you were doing it all yourself.

If you really love coffee and you really want to enjoy every cup that you make at home so you can save money that would otherwise be spent at coffee chains and cafes, implement the tips above to get some tasty results.

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