Have you read my story yet? I’ve lost 180 pounds in two years following the Atkins diet! Last fall I ran my first 5k, this spring I started powerlifting and I’ve just registered to participate in Mudderella New England on July 30th in Epping, NH. Girls, I fully intend to #OwnMyStrong and I want you to join me!! In fact, I’ve got training tips, an exclusive registration discount code and I’m giving away one free Mudderella New England registration!! We. Can. Do. This!! 

I was the girl that skipped school on gym day as often as I could find a way to do so. Naturally, something like Mudderella New England was never on my radar before – but, ow that it is, I wanted to be sure I’m taking the right steps to prepare! Luckily, Erica Pollock, Operations Manager of Mudderella New England sent over some awesome training tips and notes for the day of the event that I’m going to follow and I’m passing them along here so that you can take advantage of her awesome advice, too! 

What’s this Mudderella thing all about, anyway? Mudderella: a unique athletic event where women are able to come together and celebrate strength, teamwork and everything that makes them feel like an empowered woman. On July 30th Mudderella is bringing its fun obstacle mud run to New England. Check out the Mudderella New England Obstacles page here

More specifically, Mudderella is a 5+ mile obstacle mud run created for women, by women. Mudderella New England is a unique course that takes you through miles of back-wood trails and hilly motocross tracks. Set in the quaint town of Epping, less than an hour outside of Boston, it’s a destination that promises small-town charm and big city adventures. The 2016 event series features challenging new obstacles, more mud, and even more opportunities to work together with others around you. I’m really proud to participate in this even that teaches women to #OwnYourStrong and truly empowers them.

Even better? Mudderella is proud to partner with Futures Without Violence as their national charity beneficiary. All proceeds raised by participants support their mission to protect women against domestic and sexual violence. Learn more about their partnership here.

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Tips for Muderella New England Participants:

As we gear up for Mudderella New England on July 30th in Epping, NH, here are tips from Mudderella’s operations manager on all things mud runs & what to know!

Training Tips:

  • Create a Schedule: Mark running days, strength training days and rest days. Not only does this ensure that you stick to your plan, but it will motivate you to keep going. Mudderella has created exercise guides to help get you started: print them out and create your own schedule.
  • Start Small: The first week of your training ,start small and gradually work to build up your strength and endurance. While this is important from a physical side, it also helps mentally. By starting small, you accomplish your goals, feel good about your progress and are excited to keep going. You’ll see that Workout #1 on the Mudderella Training Program is the basics – Start Small. Finish Strong.
  • Find A Friend: Training with a friend makes a huge difference. Not only is it more fun, but it will also make you more accountable.
  • Motivate & Reward: Buy a new pair of sneakers or tank top to get yourself motivated! Rewarding yourself throughout training is so important! It doesn’t have to be a new piece of clothing wither, take pride in your accomplishments and remember you’re stronger than you think you are.

On Event Day:

  • Create a Team. It isn’t required that you join a team for mud runs like Mudderella, but we highly recommend it. First of all, you’ll get to share the experience with a group of your friends and second, you’ll get to choose an awesome team name.
  • Wear What You’re Comfortable In. We love fun costumes & know our Mudderellas love them too, but make sure you’re comfortable running in whatever you choose. We recommend wearing lightweight clothing that dries quickly and a pair of running shoes (no cleats). Also, don’t forget to bring a post-race change of clothes and shoes to switch into once you cross the finish line.
  • Bring Your Squad to Cheer You On. Don’t forget your adoring fans. Invite your friends or family to attend and support your strong. #Motivation at its finest.
  • Pack a Bag. Mud run courses will have a bag check, so feel free to bring a bag and check it – or leave it with your entourage. In your bag, you’ll want to have: a valid photo I.D., any waivers or tickets needed, cash, waterproof sunscreen, towel and a change of clothes/shoes.
  • Own Your Strong. Get out there and crush the course, and then grab a beer and just have fun.

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