Any parent knows how expensive it can be to purchase new clothes for kids every time they go through another growth spurt. From jeans to jackets, it can often be pricy just to afford the basics for each child. To score the essentials at a great price, there are a few tips to follow to save more money.

Shop at Secondhand Stores

Secondhand stores often offer clothing that is still in great condition but has been lightly used. This can make it easy to purchase what you need at a fraction of the cost. Although the clothing may be slightly faded or used a few times, it’ll save more money considering that your child won’t use it for very long. This is a great place to get items like t-shirts and jeans.

Use Online Coupons

Online coupons are a great way to save more on clothing that is adorable and appropriate for your child’s size. This will allow you to avoid paying full price without compromising on the quality of the clothing. Online coupons are often available throughout the year and can be obtained by signing up for emails and looking online. Find out more about great deals you can get with online coupons by checking out Discountrue.

Stock Up During Sales

When you notice a sale at one of your favorite children’s clothing stores, it’s time to stock up on the essentials. This can make it easy to buy multiple shoes, shorts, or tops that last for the rest of the year as the child continues to grow. The investment can easily save hundreds of dollars on the necessities in your child’s wardrobe. Shoes are great item to buy when you find a sale. Used shoes may not fit right and be uncomfortable, but

Shop During the Off Season

Many times, summer clothing goes on clearance during the fall or winter season. Stock up on items that will be needed in future seasons to ensure that you pay less than when they’re in demand. This may be tricky with growing kids, but it is possible. Items like jackets are good items to buy during the off season, because they can be slightly large or small, depending on how many layers they have.

Visit Local Yard Sales

Yard sales are often some of the best places to pay less for clothing that is still in great condition. You can even bring your kid along to see if jeans or shorts that you pick out will fit. Yard sales make it easy to purchase several different clothing items at a dollar or two a piece for a great deal that won’t break the bank.


By following a few tips when it comes to shopping for the basics for your children, it’ll make it easier to afford the essentials as your kids grow. Instead of dreading the next time that they have a growth spurt, it’ll be easier to get what they need until they’re fully developed.