If you’re anything like me, your bedroom is your own private oasis and it says a lot about your personality! It’s the one room in the house that is entirely mine (shhh, don’t tell my husband I said that) to decorate as I see fit and to fill with the things that make me feel comfortable and if truth be told, maybe a little frisky, too. Your bedrooms is likely the most personal room in your home.

Some of my favorite pieces in my bedroom are my wall-hung electric fireplace, my giant mirrored headboard and these amazing Marilyn Monroe sepia tone prints sent from one of my loveliest friends when she was visiting Graceland and Nashville a few months back. She knows all too well my Marilyn Monroe obsession and sending a post card just wouldn’t work for her. I’m pretty grateful for that. 


Your bedroom is your place to really show off your personality and sense of style! From bedroom furniture, bedroom storage, bedroom accessories to bedding and bed linens, you can truly showcase the colors and styles that you love most! Your bedroom is a place for comfort and peace, where you can cozy up with a good book to relax or snuggle with your loved one for a good movie. But, what exactly does your bedroom say about your personality? I was curious so I took this fun quiz.

The first question asks about the type of bed I have from a four-poster canopy bed to a modern platform bed, bunk beds, or sleeping on the floor. While I’m absolutely in love with the idea of having a four-poster canopy bed (exactly like the one below) in my bedroom, I’m currently sleeping on a modern platform bed that well, I really hate.

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The next question asks about the bedding – from sleek and functional to soft and white. Mine’s sort of a Make-do mishmash of various comforters I’ve purchased over the years, flannel sheets (still, in June even!) and this gorgeous, super heavy weighted but surprisingly thin quilt that I couldn’t live without. The next question asks about size, King here then a question about flooring – hardwood without rugs though I’m looking to add a nice cozy rug soon and one about the walls, mine’s a soft gold that I actually recently painted, and how many windows are in the room – I’ve got two. Then, this question, “How do you store your clothes.” Err, here in lies my biggest, most chaotic downfall… I’m somewhere between these two options:

  • Mostly put away with a few loose pieces here and there
  • Wherever they fall when I tear them off my body

Next up, what type of alarm clock do you use? Umm, do they still make those? I’m a cell phone alarm kind of girl, and I hit snooze more times than I care to admit. A few more questions and I hit submit – and nearly choke on my coffee … Here are my results:

The Seeker of Carnality

Sexy, savvy, sensual, and driven

You are a sex-seeker. But it’s not just sex you’re after–you crave the physical, carnal pleasures of existence. You’re as likely to savor your food as you are to savor your carnal liaisons. You know what you want and you know how to get it, though sometimes you aren’t interested enough in the challenge to bother.

Competitively sensual, you enjoy the thrill of the chase almost as much as you enjoy your conquests. But no one who visits your bedroom will ever doubt how much you enjoy being in there. It might not be the prettiest place in the house, but it sees the most use. You don’t waste time while you’re ensconced in your chambers, knowing instinctively that life is too short not to live in the moment. Your impulsive craving for physical pleasure is simultaneously your greatest strength, as it drives you to excel in all areas of your life–and your greatest weakness, as it can lead to indolent, self-indulgent tendencies and a penchant for embracing mediocre people who happen to be fantastic in bed.

Your personality is fine, for the most part, but take the time to really get to know the ones whose bodies you’re so interested in exploring. Not only will this save you from tedious drama, but it might open your eyes to the fact that carnality is temporary, while true love is forever.

I was intrigued. Some of this might actually be spot on, and it shows my bedroom has plenty to say about me! Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take a few more quizzes like this one from Buzzfeed. Here are the results from that one:

bedroom personality

What does your bedroom say about you?