Getting your children to eat foods that are actually healthy for their bodies can be difficult. Some things we commonly think of as health foods don’t taste as good as pizza or potato chips. However, it’s important to get those healthy choices into the diet so kids can grow and develop in the way they should. There are a few creative ways to get children to eat healthy foods so they don’t even realize they are eating vegetables and fruits. 

Don’t Force The Issue

One of the biggest things that will turn kids away from eating healthy is to force them. Try to only buy foods that are healthy options. This way, children will have to choose something that’s good for them instead of turning to junk food for every snack. Offer a few treats once in a while, but even those can be something a little healthier, such as frozen yogurt, or making trail mix from extra nuts, cereal and dried fruit. 

Making Selections Together
If children have a hand in making selections at the grocery store, then they will probably be a little more willing to try healthy foods. Give them a few choices of different vegetables and fruits, and have them pick their favorites for a salad. They can see what the food looks like and feels like before they get it home and will be more comfortable with the selection. A bakery is another option for getting fresh breads, giving kids a way to learn about different bread options. Places like Klosterman Baking Company even sell buns and other items in bulk so if you have sandwich lovers at home, you’ll keep them happy and fed for months.

Food Can Be Fun
Add vegetables and fruits to a smoothie so they are disguised. Your children will get the health benefits without knowing exactly what they are consuming. Another idea is to make dishes that use vegetables in a fun way. Make a pizza together, or make a casserole with vegetables hidden inside among pasta and cheese. 

Feelings with Food

When your children eat junk food, ask them how they feel after running outside and playing afterward. After they eat something healthy, ask them if they feel any better. If they can see there is a difference in the way they feel in regards to energy and being able to take part in activities a little longer after eating healthy foods, then they will be able to see that they are the better options. 

Healthy foods are something for adults and children. In order to get kids to choose the right nutrition, you might have to play around with the food your whole family eats. Once they understand how important it is to get the right nutrients and that they will feel better once they do, it will be easier to maintain those healthy options.


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