Children need plenty of fruits and vegetables to maintain optimal health and to receive the right nutrients. However, most children today are not eating enough and are suffering from health problems because of this. Luckily there are several simple things you can do to make sure your children get enough fruits and vegetables. Below are some tips for getting your kids to eat more of the good stuff.

Sneak Them In
If your children love pancakes, put berries and bananas in them and make sure they slow down on the syrup. If your children love pizza, top it with spinach and olives. You can also add vegetables to stir-fry dishes and casseroles. Use meals kids already love and include just a few extra fruits and vegetables they won’t notice as much.

Try Smoothies
Smoothies are not only packed with nutrients, but are also delicious and kid-friendly snacks. It will be easier for your children to get the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables if you include them in smoothies. It is best to make homemade smoothies because store-brought are typically high in sugar. Spinach, avocado, berries, kale, and bananas are examples of some of the things you can put in any smoothie.

Add Some Flavoring

Many children do not like the natural taste of raw fruits and vegetables so try adding some flavoring to your dishes. For example, you can add some cheese or bacon bits to the vegetables when you are cooking. You can also serve raw vegetables with hummus and Greek yogurt. This may add a few extra calories, but it will be worth it if you can get your child to eat more vegetables.

Use Dried Fruits
Dried fruit makes a great snack for kids because it is sweet and filled with nutrients. Most children love dried fruit because it tastes like candy and is created when water is removed from the fruit. When the water is removed, the nutrients become more concentrated in some cases. Online suppliers like have many different kinds you can use to create your own trail mixes.

Do Not Buy Junk Food
Your children can only eat what you bring in the house which is why you should avoid buying unhealthy foods. Your children will be more likely to try fruits and vegetables if there are fewer junk food items around.

Getting kids to eat more fruits and vegetables can be difficult. However, this task can be made easier by making a smoothie. When you make smoothies, include fruits and vegetables in your child’s favorite foods, and avoid buying junk foods. With the right tricks, you can improve diet and make your whole family a little healthier.