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I received the gb Pockit to facilitate my review.

Meet the gb PockitFuture Perfect stroller. It folds up so small that it holds the 2014 Guinness World Record for the stroller with the smallest fold!

When a new baby comes into your family you’ll often ask yourself how such a tiny human requires so much stuff. In the last year my living room, basement, bedroom and the trunk of my car have accumulated so much stuff. The swings, car seats, bouncer seats, play mats, clothing, toys, diaper storage and strollers. The list is never ending but unfortunately, my storage space is not. A few months ago I contemplated leaving half of my groceries in the parking lot after opening my trunk to see that it was jam packed with the stroller, the hiking backpack carrier and a few folding lounge chairs.


Shortly after that dramatic catastrophe, I was given an opportunity to review the gb Pockit stroller and guys, I’m not kidding when I say this stroller is literally life changing. I mean, it folds up so small that I can put it into a tote bag – and, almost into my favorite purse. I’m not even kidding. Truth be told, the gb Pockit stroller escaped me for over a week because I couldn’t remember where I’d put it while waiting for Mr. Golden Sun to make an appearance. (I think most of your memory cells disappear along with the trunk space post new baby in the house, too). Anyway, there it was tucked into the bookshelf in the living room all folded up in its compact glory.


So, maybe not a selling point but I’m willing to bet your memory is better than mine. And, in my defense, I’m a little more than halfway through my Master’s thesis – yes, by default that means I’m forgetting to put on underwear, brush my hair and where I put basically everything. Okay, back to my point. This stroller is amazing. I mean, amazing. It’s super light so I can carry it up and down the basement stairs, and easily lift it in and out of my trunk without a wheel getting caught here or a handle getting caught there.

After today’s walk I took the literally, eight seconds, to fold this baby back up to it’s super small and compact size and tossed in into my trunk which now has more than enough room for groceries and then some. I am really looking forward to traveling with this stroller because, with a big family like mine, and all the assorted baby things that have to go, there just isn’t enough room for everything and vacationing without a stroller isn’t ever going to happen. This means I get to pack more clothes, people!! 


Now, if you’ve ever taken a small child on an airplane you’re probably cringing at the thought of the whole stroller fiasco. Wheel it to the gate, check it, wait for it when you land, hope it’s not broken, etc. Did you read the part where I mentioned that this stroller fits in a tote bag? Let me say it again, this stroller fits into a tote bag. You know what that means for travel, right? Yeah, overhead on the plane, no waiting, no worrying – it even fits under an airplane seat!!

Not only is it compact, the gb Pockit stroller is cute and safe. I really love the adjustable harness and the storage area below. Whether vacationing by car, or by airplane, or just out and about for an afternoon at the park, the gb Pockit will get you rolling in no time. 

Experience limitless adventures with the GB Pockit, a travel-friendly, feather-light stroller that easily transforms into a space-saving, handbag-shaped package! Tell us about how the GB Pockit stroller gives you a light, self-standing, small but strong, portable stroller ideal for all of your family travels.

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Want a gb Pockit stroller for yourself? You can find them at Babies ‘R’ Us right here. Need a little more convincing? Watch this super quick video:


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