There are times that no matter what you do or how hard you try, you just can’t keep those blinds rolled up or tucked behind your drapes and curtains. Of course you can’t do without them because they are there for a very important purpose other than privacy. Blinds are the ideal way to control the amount of sunlight you let in as well as providing that extra bit of barrier between the outside world and your home, your safety net. Within recent years a new type of blinds has become quite popular because they are made in such a way as to stay tucked completely out of the way.

Perfect Fit Blinds the Perfect Solution to Windy Weather

Whether you have regular venetian blinds or verticals, when strong winds suddenly pass through, there is no way to keep them from flapping about. One strong gust can send them flying inwards, almost horizontal, knocking everything in their path to the floor. Perfect Fit Blinds don’t hang freely so there will never be a problem like this. In fact, they are designed in such a way as to be indistinguishable from the window frame! There are no screws and no drilled holes so they fit flush to the frame, almost as if they were manufactured as a part of the window put there to provide protection from heat and cold.

Freeing up Space on the Window Sill

Most of us like to place cute little vases and pictures on our window sills as part of the décor we choose for any given room. From collectible Hummel figurines to baby’s bronzed first shoes, something always occupies that space. Whether you choose to leave the blinds drawn shut or open, even on breezy days, you can fully use the sill space because the blinds don’t hang down freely. Of course the breeze might still knock those little items over but the Perfect Fit Blinds certainly won’t.

Suits All Kinds of Windows

So many times homeowners don’t bother with blinds even though they need them because of the type of windows they have installed. Even if you have tilt & turn windows you will never have trouble opening and shutting the blinds because of the way in which they are made. From doors to small kitchen windows to lovely picture windows, bespoke Perfect Fit Blinds are always the perfect fit. Whether you are looking for a way to keep the direct sun from fading furnishings or that extra bit of protection when you are at home in the evenings with the lights on, Perfect Fit Blinds are always unobtrusive on any window whatsoever.

You can still utilize sill space for lovely little trinkets and you certainly can leave delicate vases on tables in front of the window because there will never be a danger of the blinds blowing, knocking everything to the floor. They are called Perfect Fit Blinds for more than one reason. Yes, they are a perfect fit each and every time, but that perfect fit also enables you to do so much more with window space than you ever dreamed imaginable. Perfect Fit Blinds truly are the perfect way to ensure your window coverings stay tucked away.