After being snuggled inside all winter, spring brings with it the feeling of being reenergized. You should use this time to get some things done in your house, starting with spring cleaning. With everything there is to clean, it is easy to miss some spots. Here are six areas you don’t want to miss.

Clean Out the Entryway Closet
We wash down the walls and scrub the floors in the rest of the house, but when many of us are doing these tasks, we don’t think of the closed door over the entryway closet. We hang all of our jackets here and store most or all of our shoes there, so why not clean that area too. Everything should be taken out of the closet, all of the cobwebs should be wiped down, walls washed, and don’t forget to scrub the floor. This is also a great chance to clear out old jackets, boots and hats you never use any more.

Freshen up the Mattresses
Mattresses absorb so much throughout the year, including sweat, dust, dust mites, dead skin cells, and more. It is nice to take spring cleaning as an opportunity to freshen it up. Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and allow it to sit for 15 to 20 minutes. This will absorb any moisture and odors that are in the mattress. Then use the upholstery brush on the vacuum to vacuum up the baking soda.

Clean the Drains
Your drains may be working fine for now, but there could be the start of a buildup just below you haven’t noticed yet. This is why spring cleaning is a great time to clean out the drain and stop any potential problems from becoming an issue.

Clean under the Fridge and Stove
When we do our cleaning throughout the year, we often don’t take time to clean under the fridge and stove. Spring cleaning is a good time to pull those appliances out and sweep and scrub the floors and the walls behind and around them.

Clean Ceiling Fan Blades
Ceiling fan blades are out of sight, out of mind most of the time. Although we may not think of them, they definitely do attract dust and when you turn them on, the blades then spread the dust it has collected around the room. So while dusting the bookshelves and high corners, clean these blades as well.

Clean Your AC and Heater Units
Spring cleaning is a great time to ensure your air conditioning unit and heater are both clean and running properly. You may want to attempt to clean them both on your own, or call a repair company like Christian Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to come service and maintain these important appliances.

Spring cleaning is a great time to get everything spruced up and looking great inside your house. While you are doing your cleaning, these are six areas you will want to make sure you don’t forget.