Kids love a thrill, there is no question about it. Unfortunately, it is no thrill for the parents who have to sit on the side-lines watching their kids participate in a potentially dangerous activity so it is important to understand that there are times when you can, and should, refuse to let your son or daughter participate. However, there are some extreme sports activities they can safely enjoy so it is up to you to know the difference. Extreme may mean dangerous but it may also mean ultra-exciting and just a little dangerous. It is up to you to decide but you probably can feel safe with stunt scooters like you can find here; and with the right gear, it isn’t as dangerous as you think.

Stunt Scooter

Riding a stunt scooter may seem like loads of fun and really it is. However, all those turns and flips can be a bit dangerous if the kid is not dressed with the appropriate protective gear and if the parent or the instructor isn’t on hand in case of a fall or slip. Sometimes bones get broken, it is a sad fact of extreme sports, but with the right protective gear, and a strong background in safety rules, this is a sport your kid will just love and one of the least dangerous of those known as extreme sports.


BMX is a bike racing extreme sport that is highly popular with older kids. Just like a motocross dirt bike race, BMX requires skill, conditioning and a mental state to stay focused on the track. Yes, it can be a dangerous sport but with proper protective gear, and a physical readiness for the sport, it can be more fun than danger so help your kids learn to participate so you can be assured everything is safe.


Older kids absolutely love motocross and those who have been riding a dirt bike for any length of time probably have the conditioning necessary for long treks. If your kid insists on motocross, a top of the line helmet is an absolute necessity. Physical conditioning is a top priority if your kid is going to participate in motocross so make sure he or she is healthy and fit enough to endure long rides.

Downhill Skiing

Some kids were born for the slopes and have been on skis since just after they learned to walk. It can be a dangerous sport and the competitiveness is something that some parents don’t like but kids who enjoy the snow and the cold will absolutely love this activity. Just make sure your child has a strong background in technique before letting him or her compete.

Extreme sports are all the rage, so trying to keep your older kids from participating can be a futile endeavour. Even so, with proper training and preparation, your kids can be quite safe and you can learn to watch without covering your eyes! These four extreme sports are amongst the most popular so if you need further information there is plenty to be found. Just check it out before you let them participate to be assured they will be as safe as they are happy.