Getting your child interested in science may be a lot easier than you think. Children are naturally curious and love to explore and try new things out just to see what happens. They also enjoy learning, whether they realize it or not. While a structured school classroom might turn them off occasionally, most kids are quick to absorb new information. Check out these ideas to overcome a child’s classroom mentality and give them a boost into science.

Getting a Closer Look at Life
Consider buying a microscope for your child. There is nothing more interesting than seeing something close up that looks perfectly bland or normal to the naked eye. Start small, using bugs, dirt, paper, pond water, and other things that offer a whole new vista of awesomeness when seen under a microscope. Spend some time sharing those explorations with your kids. Encourage them to ask their own questions, conduct experiments, and see if their hypothesis about what carpet fibers might look like prove correct.

Go See ’em at the Museum
Museums are perfect for introducing kids to real world accomplishments in science. There they will discover all the many varying fields of science. Pay attention to what they are interested in, and allow them to explore on their own level. Encourage and praise them for their interest and their ability to recognize the wonders of their particular interests.

First Hand Experimentation with Science
Get your child an inexpensive yet challenging science kit. Mixing chemicals and seeing how they react with each other is a great way to get hands-on experience. Be sure to spend time with them and watch their interest grow. Have them show you what they’ve discovered. With the addition of a microscope, they can get an intimate view of chemical reactions with everyday materials, foods, and more.

See and Study the Stars
Put a telescope in your child’s bedroom, in front of an attic window, or on the porch. There is nothing in our world that can compare to the wonders and beauty of the stars and space. Your child will see shooting stars, comets, planets, and possibly a future as an astronaut or scientist. Children will discover and explore beyond their backyard, and possibly open their minds to potentials they’ve never considered before.
Other options include:

There are so many fields of science to consider and explore with your child. Given the opportunity and resources, most young children can find one that will grab their interest with barely any effort on your part.