Disclosure: I received resort accommodations at Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa, an amazing Green Mountain Coffee spa treatment at The Spa at Stoweflake, meals at Charlie B’s Pub and the opportunity to go Dogsledding and Snowshoeing on property as well as venture out for Cross Country Skiing at  Trapp Cross Country Center and on a 25 Mile Snowmobile Tour with Snowmobile Vermont in return for this post featuring my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa

I was blessed with the ability to put into words my thoughts about many things yet, as I start to write this post I’m struggling to type the right words. You see, Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa has left me speechless. I’m still reveling in awe at the amazing weekend I had there in Stowe, Vermont and the lasting effects of the complete and utter gift of full body relaxation issued to me during my spa treatment has not worn off yet. Even after returning home to a houseful of “hungry” wild people wondering when I’ll get back to making them home-cooked meals. I’m finding it difficult to pinpoint where to start this review and how to effectively convey to you this unbeatable experience! 

I do want to add a quick note to mention that most of the images in this post are courtesy of Stoweflake. While I love sharing my own photos with you all, I have to admit that I didn’t want to be attached to my iPhone throughout my weekend in Stowe so I didn’t take a lot of photos. The few photos I captured are primarily featured on Instagram here and if you only want to see the pictures that pertain to my weekend in Stowe search for the hashtag #ButeauInStowe to get to the nitty gritty of things! Also, here’s a quick slideshow of the majority of my photos in case you don’t want to go digging around. 

Upon arrival we were checked in quickly by a former fellow New Hampshireite. He gave us the rundown on how to find all of the important things, like our room which is pictured below. Our room was exactly as pictured here with a fridge and wet bar, plenty of closet space and drawers to unpack into and an incredible bathroom that I wanted to take home with me. Double sinks, awesome shower, Jacuzzi tub and the toilet is tucked away behind a second door for extra privacy.

Once we were settled in we were given a wonderful tour of the resort and an overview of it’s many amenities. It was quickly apparent that this was not just a winter destination or even only for skiers during the winter months. Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa has something for everyone at any time of the year! 

stoweflake accomodations

Whether you are looking for a place to lay your head after a long day of skiing or a one-stop all-inclusive destination, Stoweflake will cater to you. More, if you’re traveling with your family you’ll soon learn that while Stoweflake is the perfect destination for couples, it’s absolutely awesome for families with children of any age- even those families with the kids like mine that have “I’m bored” stuck on repeat most of the time. I mean, I swam outside in a pool in the latter end of February in New England. And, I liked it!

You know your kids will find something to do here from the super fun game room complete with Playstations, a pool table and arcade games to the indoor and outdoor pools, fitness rooms, recreational trails, playground equipment, activities and more. Plus, Stoweflake has an activity for kids at least once a day on property. Maybe in part because Stoweflake is a multi-generational family run business, or just because its the way the lovely Baraw family thinks life should be, Stoweflake Mountain Resort is truly is a wonderful family friendly destination! 

But, alas, this was a weekend away from the kids. One of those rare occasions where I get to find ways of entertaining myself without answering to “Mom, I’m bored” or having to pretend like I like roller-coasters and cotton candy. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely enjoy every single second with my children and granddaughter but it’s nice to adult once in a while, too. You know, put your oxygen mask on first and all that jazz. My oxygen mask during my weekend in Stowe was 100 percent The Spa at Stoweflake. Let this image sink in for a moment … 

Bingham Hydrotherapy Waterfalls

The Spa at Stoweflake

Yeah, I know, right?! Above are the Bingham Hydrotherapy Waterfalls, sort of the main attraction in the Aqua Solarium at The Spa. It’s the most amazing, relaxing hot tub area you could ever imagine! In the back is the Hungarian Mineral Soaking Pool set to 101 degrees featuring mineral salts from Hungary. The sign says a 20-minute soak can help draw out toxins and you can bet I worked it for the whole 20 minutes. And, by worked it, I mean I submerged myself in luxury and pleasure that can’t really be beat. Or, can it? Let me tell you about the absolute best part of my entire weekend. Maybe, the top 80 minutes of my whole life – the Green Mountain Coffee Treatment at The Spa. 

green mountain coffee treatment

Girrrlll, this was the stuff that the good life is made from. I’ll start by saying that I had never had a massage before. I’d never even considered it and I didn’t truly understand how women could go through with it. Getting naked, tickled, rubbed down by a stranger. Umm, what the heck was I thinking, exactly? In fact, now that I’ve had one massage I’m certain that I’m a massage junkie for life. I strolled into the spa for my 9:30 am appointment with more stress and anxiety than as if I was heading in for a pap smear. The sweet woman at the desk assured me that I was “in for a treat” and I subtly rolled my eyes a little thinking she might be a little crazy.

Former me at over 300 pounds wouldn’t have taken the leap, but new me at less than half the weight I was just two years ago figured, I have the opportunity, why not. So anyway, the women’s attendant, Marissa, took me out back into the women’s private lounge area, handed me a robe and slippers, walked me through the spa area to get me acquainted then left me to change in my choice of the wide-open locker room (uh, no) or a private changing room.

Once I was suited up in my super comfy spa robe I poured myself a nice refreshing cup of cucumber water from the well stocked water and tea bar and had a seat in a lounge chair. With sweaty palms and a rapid heart rate I waited just a few minutes before my therapist, Stephanie came to get me and introduced herself. I followed her to the treatment room downstairs only moments before my life changed forever. 

Stephanie was awesome. She talked me through the process then proceeded to don me with a Queen’s crown – okay, she didn’t but I soon did feel like royalty! The words of the woman at the front desk replayed in my head and I made a mental note to thank her sincerely when I saw her again, “You’re in for a treat.” A treat? Oh yes, and so much more! I opted for one of Stoweflake’s Signature Treatments, the Green Mountain Coffee Body Treatment which is 80 minutes of pure heaven. 

The Green Mountain Coffee Body Treatment is designed to nourish, re-mineralize and help reduce and smooth cellulite. Includes an invigorating exfoliation, an antioxidant Dead Sea Mud wrap, and a full-body Coffee Oil Massage.

Admittedly, I am as much a coffee addict as I now am addicted to massage therapy. The scent of coffee soon filled the room and I started to relax right away. Stephanie, as all of the therapists at the spa are, is truly the master of towel draping. I never felt uncomfortable or exposed and was truly able to enjoy the treatment. I also never giggled once in a fit of tickled laughter. It didn’t tickle, promise! I highly recommend that you visit The Spa and get a massage even if it scares you half to death. You will not regret it.

But, my recommendation comes with one warning – you will probably not want to do a single thing outside of the spa for the rest of the day. Luckily, you have admission to the spa and all of its associated facilities for the entire day of your treatment including use of the aqua solarium, fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, showers and you can even dine in the poolside cafe without having to change out of your spa robe. Take advantage of it and plan accordingly! 

Charlie B’s Pub & Restaurant

Eat and drink at Charlie B’s, a Stowe tradition with a festive atmosphere, Vermont Fresh cuisine, and an award-winning wine list of over 50 wines by the glass, martini bar and ten beers on tap. The Vermont-style decor features a cozy, friendly bar, high-back booths, and Baraw family ski memorabilia. Enjoy fireside dining and live entertainment in winter or deck dining in summer. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

We had the pleasure of dining at Charlie B’s  for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights as well as ordered in room service for breakfast on Saturday morning and dined in for a hot and cold breakfast buffet with omelet station on Sunday before making our departure. Above is a picture of my yummy NY Strip Steak cooked to absolute perfection. I would also highly recommend the Seafood Fra Diavolo which is what my husband ordered on Saturday night and soon saw most of the seafood lost to me. Oops! In fairness, I did give him my burger! As good as the food is at Charlie B’s, the atmosphere is even better. George greeted us at the door both at dinner and again later when we went down to the bar for live entertainment (Thanks, Danny!) and drinks. He was quite fun to chat with as was the bartender, Chris who, despite being a Canadiens fan was a pretty nice guy (Go Bruins!). 

Activities at Stoweflake and in the Area

There is truly something to do year-round at Stoweflake. I’d be talking all day about all of the activities, events, kids’ things, Stowe Area attractions and of course, the Stoweflake Balloon Festival which I am already planning to go back for, but, it might just be easier if you head over here to this link to get the full picture of things to do. Because we visited during the winter, the Winter Activities and a lot of the Year Round Activities apply most to our weekend. If skiing is your thing, definitely go stay at Stoweflake. If skiing is not your thing, definitely go stay at Stoweflake! 

Winter Activities include XC Skiing, Nordic Snowshoe Walks, Dog Sled Tours, Moonlight Snowshoe Tours, Sleigh Rides and snowmobiling. We were scheduled to go Cross Country Skiing at  Trapp Cross Country Center on Saturday but a mix of “I just had the most relaxing massage and don’t want to leave this spa -itis” and a warmer winter weather and rainy drizzle kept us away. We were also graciously invited for a Snowmobile Tour with Snowmobile Vermont on Sunday but sadly had to depart for home a bit earlier than expected. 

Whatever time of year, definitely stop at Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Cabot Cheese Annex, Boyden Valley Winery, Rock Art Brewery and the Ben & Jerry’s factory for a tour. Take some time to stroll through Stowe’s Historic Village and visit the great little shops there, too! For more to do and explore in and around Stowe click here

Also, if you’re lucky enough to time it right, catch a performance at the Stowe Town Hall! We enjoyed the Winter Star Series featuring Rusty DeWees aka “The Logger” and a super fun improv comedy group from Vermont Comedy on Saturday night! 


We would like to thank the Baraw Family and the staff at Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa for a wonderful weekend away. If you have to opportunity, please do consider staying with them. You’ll soon see why so many families have been returning to Stoweflake year after year! 


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  1. I have never been to Vermont before, but I have always wanted to go there. Now I want to visit Stoweflake!

    1. I didn’t mention it in my post but I grew up spending all of my summers in Vermont but in a different part. I’ve visited the towns just outside Stowe a few times and have passed through it on my way to Burlington but now that I’ve been there just as a focal point I am positive I will be going back again – WITH the kids next time!!

  2. I’m so glad you treated yourself to the spa. No matter what shape you are in, you are worthy to be pampered and feel wonderful! 🙂 I hope it’s not your last trip!

    1. Definitely NOT my last trip! And I agree, any shape or size but I never would have been able to do it before comfort zone wise. I regret all the years I wasted not having massages and spa treatments now though!

    1. The room is fantastic!! It would have been very hard to leave that fireplace and Jacuzzi tub had it not been for the amazing things to do throughout the resort and in the greater Stowe, Vermont area!

  3. As a total West coast girl, the idea of vacationing somewhere that has a traditional winter is amazing! The entire experience looks fabulous and a dogsledding tour would be an absolute must for me.

  4. That room looks incredible. The fireplace INSIDE THE ROOM is so inviting. I’ve only been to one hotel with that option and LOVED it.

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