Not everyone can afford an interior designer, yet most individuals want a living space that is both functional and beautiful. Instead of trying to redo a space completely, you can focus on a few key details that can completely change the look of a particular room. No matter what one’s budget may be, these four ideas are high on creativity while also staying low on difficulty.

Add Pops of Luxury

A home can easily have a luxurious vibe without being covered in marble finishes and golden accents. In fact, adding luxurious accents can change the entire personality of a room. Examples include: hanging a chandelier over a bed or even in a large bathroom and hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains to create the illusion of high ceilings.

Go Double Duty

One key part of creativity is learning to use what one already has in multiple ways. For example, a bookcase can hold more than books.  It can also be a great place to stack shoes in a mudroom or folded clothes in a walk-in closet. A low bureau can make an excellent entryway table, and a rolling cart can be used as a nightstand.

Try Some Beach Ambiance

It’s possible to create a relaxed beach atmosphere even if you live hundreds of miles from the sea. Creating a laid back look with a luxurious wicker chaise lounge chair can be easy to accent with brightly-colored cushions for added comfort. Wicker furniture is often light colored, creating calm, open spaces, and comes in many varieties, including rockers, end tables, loveseats, and more.

Creative Work Spaces

Most people do not have the space to dedicate to a separate office in the home, yet many people work from home. Even busy moms like to have a place for their computers and papers while they juggle their children’s school assignments, household finances, and calendars. A creative solution makes a workspace out of nothing by transforming a closet, a pantry or even a corner of a room into a home office. Built-in cabinetry can work in small spaces, or a pull-down desk can be a great way to hide a messy space from view.


A creatively decorated home reflects one’s personality while remaining functional. Because these four tips focus on details rather than on a complete remodel, they can be easy for anyone to accomplish without breaking the bank. In fact, creativity can help people save money by showing them how to use furnishings in multiple ways to create a space that works for them. Do you have any tips for decorating your home?

2 thoughts on “How to Use Creativity When How to Use Creativity When Decorating Your Home

  1. This is such a good read. I guess me putting a small chandelier in my dining area wasn’t too much after all. Is it a good idea to have a beach ambiance inside the bedroom? The problem is my bed takes too much space leaving just a small wiggle room for additional furniture.

    1. I refuse to go smaller than a King size bed in my room but I also find that I have little wiggle room. Take advantage of underbed storage for sure!

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