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Maybe you already know how important protein is but do you know how much you need or when you should get it? If you’re shaking your head no, don’t worry you are definitely not alone!! Just keep reading about #MyMorningProtein!

Many experts recommend that we consume 25-30 grams of protein per meal. (See footnote below.) If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably getting less than half the recommended amount at breakfast – the average is around 13 grams. An easy and delicious way to get that number up is to drink a glass of milk, with its high-quality protein, with your breakfast or mid-morning snack.

Sorry, guys – I just need a moment to get this song out of my head … darn Black Eyed Peas! 

I mix your milk wit my cocoa puff,
Milky, milky cocoa,
Mix your milk with my cocoa puff, milky, milky riiiiiiight.

Okay, I’m back now! And, in case you were wondering, black eyed peas have about 4.3 grams of protein per cup!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to join a Periscope chat with registered dietitian, Michelle Dudash. You’d be amazed by how easily you can reach your 25-30 grams of protein before noon with simple 3-5 ingredient recipes! I also joined a Twitter Party with Michelle and a ton of my blogging friends and learned a ton more about the importance of getting in your protein and simple ways to do it. Of course, adding an 8-ounce serving of milk to your meal or snack is a big help! 

#MyMorningProtein Time

Timing is just as important as how much protein you’re eating. Many experts are recommending that we get in the first 25-30 grams of protein before noon. Think, #MyMorningProtein because if you backload protein later in the day, say at dinner time in order to “catch up” to the recommended daily amount your body will use it differently. And, protein is the nutrient most likely to keep you full so getting it at breakfast might help you cut out binging on unhealthy foods later in the day. Many experts recommend that we space out our protein intake over the course of the day to really make the most of the important benefits it provides.

#MyMorningProtein helps with energy and focus for the busiest part of my day. It’s easier to get the recommended amount of protein I need when I add a glass of milk to my breakfast which is usually bacon and eggs or an omelet stuffed with meats, veggies and cheese. Adding a little milk to your scrambled eggs or even adding 1/4 cup of cheese to your eggs and pairing either with a glass of milk can help boost your protein and energize your morning while making you feel fuller longer so you can focus on your to-do list! 


#MyMorningProtein Pairing

Whether in a glass, cup or bowl – or mixed into a simple recipe – milk can help you get to a protein-packed breakfast. Try pairing you glass of milk with eggs, add it to your favorite smoothie or boost your already protein friendly bowl of porridge with milk instead of water when you cook it. 

Milk Life #MyMorningProtein Milk Contest

Jumpstart your new year by getting 25-30 grams of protein in the morning. Show them how milk and its high-quality protein is part of your #mymorningprotein, and they’ll reward you with milk! Visit MilkLife.com/morningprotein to see how you can fill up your cup with milk to get closer to your morning protein goal. 

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Protein – For Me It’s Personal!

If you’ve been hanging around ButeauFull Chaos for long you’ll know that I made a transition from posting lots of comfort foods and sweet treats to healthier alternatives. You might also know that these changes weren’t just blog specific, but applied to my entire lifestyle. A little less than two years ago I had a wake-up call … Heart issues, extreme obesity and the desire to see my children, and grandchildren grow up all combined into one, “Oh my gosh, I’m killing myself a little each day!” moment. Fast forward to today and I’ve lost nearly 170 pounds, I’m working out regularly and I’ve been able to get off of all prescription medications! 

I’ve got more energy, more drive, more … well, life inside me than I have ever had before! A lot of that was hard work but much of it was the result of some rather simple changes that anyone can do right now! One of the first things I did was give up excuses. No. More. Excuses. Then, I changed my diet. One of the biggest changes I made was increasing my protein intake while decreasing sugar and refined foods. 

Below is a picture of my breakfast this morning, a cup of milk, two eggs scrambled with a little bit of salsa and some shredded cheddar cheese and baconnnn, mmmm, yes, bacon! (Which, I burnt but ate anyway!) How was #MyMorningProtein in terms of making the 25-30 gram goal?

  • 8-ounce serving of milk – 8g protein
  • 2 eggs – 12g protein
  • 3 slices bacon – 4g protein
  • 1/4 cup shredded cheddar – 6g protein

Total #MyMorningProtein was EXACTLY 30 grams of protein. Just like that! Easy, peasy! And, I was feeling pretty full after eating all of that so I skipped my ounce of almonds that I normally eat for a mid-morning snack – they pack in 6 grams of protein on their own!  


Fitbit Flex Giveaway

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[1] What We Eat in America, NHANES 2009-2010.
2 Layman D. Dietary guidelines should reflect new understandings about adult protein needs. Nutr Metab. 2009; 6: 12.

57 thoughts on “Got Protein Goals? Learn How to Reach Them Faster With Milk and Enter to Win a Fitbit Flex! #Giveaway #MyMorningProtein #IC #Sponsored

  1. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that I love a nice glad of farm fresh milk anytime, but especially first thing in the morning. Great piece, E. Xo

      1. Breakfast has become 2eggs, with hwc &cheese. Milk with SF chocolate. Because chocolate milk will always be my favorite. 🙂

  2. I’ll typically eat cottage cheese and fruit during the week and scrambled eggs and peanut butter toast on the weekends.

  3. I usually have a breakfast sandwich consisting of an egg, a piece of cheese in half a small pita bread for my breakfast

    1. Omelettes are great because you can add whatever you want to them – but can you flip them?! Every time I make an omelet I am reminded of that meme that says something about creating the perfect omelet and ending up with scrambled eggs. 🙂

  4. I usually have oatmeal with an English muffin for breakfast. I have an egg once or twice a week, so I think I’m OK on protein.

  5. I have switched to greek yogurt with fruit in the morning to increase my protein intake. On weekends I will eat egg white omelets!!

  6. Every morning I have eggs, Greek yogurt with honey, coffee with cinnamon and cacao, and I’m trying to get GoodBelly back into rotation.

  7. I am really bad about breakfast, but I try to have an egg or some cereal with rice milk if I am being good. Not good days, just a granola bar or such.

  8. I usually eat an egg, cheese, and spinach (or other vegetable) crepe for breakfast, so I think my protein intake is sufficient.

  9. I don’t usually eat breakfast, just a glass of juice, so I could definitely up my protein intake by eating more eggs or oatmeal!

  10. I am really bad about eating breakfast, and most days I just skip it. But perhaps it’s time to start eating in the morning! I’ll have some sausage & eggs!

  11. Quite honestly, I start work at 6:30 am after an hour drive. Breakfast is usually eaten at my desk consisting of the night before’s left overs. I should probably sneak some yogurt in there as a snack.

  12. I usually have an omelet of some kind for breakfast. Eggs already give me protein in the morning and I sometimes also have yogurt which has protein too.

  13. I like to eat fresh yogurt with berries or toast with cheddar cheese and tomato on it in the morning. A cup of oatmeal made with milk is also good,

  14. Breakfast is the toughest meal for me to eat. However, I can manage to eat oatmeal made with milk or greek yogurt and scrambled eggs eventually.

  15. Eating healthy isn’t always the easiest in college, but reading blogs like this really motivates me to start eating healthy!

  16. The breakfast I eat the most is oatmeal prepared with 1/2 cup of milk, a slice of bacon, & 1/2 cup of milk to drink so I do need to get more protein in my breakfast.

  17. I like having greek yogurt and granola for breakfast but some days I just grab some fresh fruit. I could use more protein on those days!

  18. I usually eat 2 pieces of peanut butter toast and a glass of milk. I definitely need more protein in my diet all together!!! I have not been eating right, but I am trying! God bless everyone and Happy Valentine’s day!

  19. I normally have eggs and toast or oatmeal for breakfast. And would add extra protein by drinking a glass of milk #MyMorningProtein

  20. On the weekends I usually have milk, eggs and wheat toast. On the weekdays I like to have wheat toast and a bowl of granola with milk.

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