Families today are not so connected as these were in the past few decades. The ratio of family gatherings in now declining drastically. Observe around and you will hardly see families coming to the parks, going for family hikes, watching movies together and playing etc. Even if all family members manage to sit together for meals, movie or gossip, you will find most of them busy with their devices, especially the teens. One key contributor to this situation is the technology.

New technologies, primarily the smartphones today impact our social and personal life in several ways. Not just the kids but adults too are so immersed in their devices that they ignore people around even the blood-relations. The devices and the technology have adversely affected our social relations and our families. You as a parent or family caretaker can’t let things be that way so for those who want to take a step, here are two tips for you:

Leave Your device before you ask your kids to do so:

Don’t expect your kids to stay away from their devices until you stick to those yourself. Kids follow your actions, not the words you say. In order to make them avoid their devices during the family times, you have to be the role model. Plan tech-free meals and family activities so everybody puts in their contribution with a great concern and all their attention.

Use FamilyTime App?

It might sound a bit odd, but yes tech can help you have a healthy family time too, and the tool that can work is FamilyTime.

FamilyTime is a parental control app that lets parents monitor and manage their kids’ tech use. It lets you:

  1. Monitor device use: Using the app, you can look what your kids do with their devices, what apps they use, who are they in contact with, what sites they browse etc.
  2. Blacklist Installed Apps: Once you monitor, you can analyze their device usage and then block the addicted apps especially during the family time. For analysis, FamilyTime app generates the app usage frequency report that shows time spent on each app.
  3. Remotely Lock the Phone: Along with monitoring, the app lets you have control over your kids’ device. You can always lock their smartphones to restrict screen time during the family gatherings and meal times, etc. Once you lock the phone, you will receive an activation code which has to be entered in the child up for the phone to work again. Till then, it is disabled!

FamilyTime is a simple, user-friendly app compatible with Android, iOS, and kindle devices. If you want to try this app, simply go to your iTunes or Google Play Store, and download the app for free or get it in a jiffy:

family locator app

FamilyTime – An App for a healthy FamilyTime!

Spending time together is not enough, having everybody’s heart and soul at one place makes the best family time. If you want to enjoy a healthy family time, try using the FamilyTime app and keep a check on the technology that disconnects your relations!