When love is in the air, it can be easy to make rash decisions and find yourself married to someone you thought was perfect. However, after you have signed that marriage certificate, you may find that the honeymoon is over and the person you married has changed. Getting a divorce would be the next step, and this is a pretty straightforward process if you live in the United States and got married in the country.

But what if you got married in another country? Perhaps you had a destination wedding or you met your beloved while you were living overseas? Continue reading to find out how to navigate that type of divorce.

Start the Divorce Process

To begin the divorce process, you need to first fill out a divorce petition, which will provide the place and date of your marriage, as well as your address and the address of your spouse. If your partner does not want the divorce, you will need to follow your state’s law for alleging grounds for the divorce. This would include any child custody arrangements or property settlements that you desire.

Next, you need to complete the summons in order to notify your husband or your wife about the divorce proceedings. You will let him or her know about the place and the date for your hearing if you are not both in agreement regarding the divorce.

Get Your Marriage Certificate Translated, if Necessary

If your marriage certificate was written in a foreign language, you need to hire a professional translator who can accurately transcribe it. And you also need to do the same for your divorce petition and summons. These will need to be translated into the language where the marriage actually took place.

In the event that you or your spouse do not speak or read English well, you can also hire a lawyer who speaks your native language, such as an Italian lawyer or a Chinese divorce lawyer. You can easily find the professionals you need at the Ideal Legal Group

Hire a Lawyer with Experience in International Divorce

Many people wonder if they need to hire a specialist attorney if they were married in another country and are now living in the United States but wish to get a divorce. This is a valid question, and one that every couple who got married in a foreign country should consider.

While you do not necessarily need to hire a specialist divorce lawyer if you got married in another country, you should do your research to hire a lawyer who has experience in family law services, as well as experience in military divorces or international divorces. Even lawyers who have experience with international matters, such as commercial matters or contract disputes, will likely be able to assist you and get your divorce completed as soon as possible.

Getting a divorce is a very difficult experience, but you can make it easier on everyone involved by knowing how to go through the process and hiring the best professionals to assist you through it all.

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  1. A divorce can be especially tough and with possibly conflicting international laws it can be really hard to know what to do. A lawyer with experience in international law and divorce can be a really good resource.

  2. You are right, hiring a specialist lawyer is very important. Because when you are hiring a specialist divorce lawyer he can help you see the bigger picture and arrive at a fair outcome for everyone.

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