When it comes to containing everyday clutter—kids’ toys in the living room, shoes in the entryway, mail on the countertop—the best storage solutions are the kind you can hide in plain sight. Choosing attractive organization options that you can incorporate into your décor means your storage will be readily accessible for quick clean ups and your stuff will be at hand when you need it, without having to sacrifice form for function.

Ready to get organized? Try one of these stylish storage solutions.

Dressed-up desk organizers. Just because your desk is your workspace doesn’t mean it has to be strictly business. Swap out your metal mesh pencil holders and basic [read: boring] file storage for products that double as fun desk accessories: Think organizers in bright colors, unexpected prints, or playful shapes. 

Well-styled shelves. Bookshelves might have been designed for storage, but recently, they’ve morphed into display cases for everything from fine art to fine china (for proof, just search the hashtag #shelfie on Instagram). Make your shelves equal parts pretty and practical by mixing in decorative bookends, favorite photos, or small collections with your books.

On-trend trays. A chic tray instantly contains clutter. Use one to transform items like jewelry or perfume into a pretty vignette on your vanity, or as a designated drop spot for things like mail and keys on an entryway console.

A smart storage ottoman. A storage ottoman will easily become the most versatile piece of furniture you own. Not only is it perfect for stashing away extra throw blankets or hiding books and magazines, it can also act as extra seating, the perfect footstool, and even a side table in a pinch. Plus, their popularity guarantees you’ll be able to find one that’s perfectly suited to your style.

Not-so-basic baskets. Baskets are a storage staple, but if you think outside the boring woven box they can also be one of the chicest elements in your space. Look for printed canvas bins, hand-woven patterned baskets, or unexpected shapes. Large, lidded baskets can stand on their own, taking the place of floor vases or urns. Smaller versions can be slipped onto bookshelves or under a bench or coffee table to create an incognito storage spot for everything from your Christmas ornaments to your craft supplies.

Wall wonders. Put spare wall space to work by hanging pretty hooks or organizers than can hold things like jewelry, jackets, belts or neckties, and double as wall décor when not in use.

An au courant bar cart. Bar carts may be a huge trend in home décor right now, but as cute as they look in Instagram photos, they’re also extremely functional … and versatile. Of course, you can use it to stylishly stash glassware and cocktail straws, but it also makes a great place to house other entertaining essentials like board games, serving pieces, or table linens, too. 

Use a pro. Hire an online interior designer. The abundance of these affordable options means now everyone can get a professional’s help when organizing your home.


The bottom line:  Choose stylish storage items that you love to look at instead of boring basics. You’ll find it easier to stay organized, and you won’t have to compromise your style in the process.



By Erica Buteau

Change Agent. Daydream Believer. Maker. Creative. Likes love, peace and Jeeping. Dislikes winter, paper cuts and war. She/Her/Hers.

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