Squinting on Sight Six Signs Your Child Might Need Glasses

It is estimated that one in four children need to wear prescription glasses, and a vision screening can confirm whether your child needs them or not. However, there are a number of signs you may have caught on to earlier if you think there could be an issue with vision. Below is a list of signs to watch for and make note of if you suspect your child may have a vision problem.

This is one of the most common signs of vision problems in children. The reason children squint is because it can help bring a blurry object into focus. Squinting slightly changes the shape of the eyes, and is a short-term fix for vision.

Sitting Too Close To The TV
It is common for most children to sit too close to the computer or television since they want to be in on the action However, if your child is making a habit out of sitting too close, then this could be a sign they need glasses. Sitting close to the TV or computer can also cause eye strain, so make sure if they don’t they aren’t developing a problem with bad habits.

Reading Problems
Reading problems are a sign many parents overlook. It is often thought that the reason a child may be having trouble reading is because they don’t grasp the concept. However, your child may not be able to read well because they have trouble seeing the words.

Frequent Headaches
There are a number of things that can cause a headache. However, headaches in children are often a sign of a vision problem. Vision problems cause eye strain, which can lead to more headaches.

Frequently Rubbing Eyes
It is common for children to rub their eyes. Children often rub their eyes when they are upset or tired. However, if your child is constantly rubbing his or her eyes, it could be a sign of a vision problem.

Frequently Bumping into Objects or Tripping
Vision problems are often mistaken for clumsiness. If your child is constantly tripping or bumping into things, it could be a sign of a larger vision issue or depth perception problems.

Vision problems are common in children, but the good news is they can easily be corrected. Look out for any signs that suggest your child has a vision problem. If they do, you may notice some of the above. Have your kids tested if necessary, and build confidence by having them choose their own frames. When kids can choose their own style from places like Marvel Optics Online Eyeglass Store, this change to their life won’t feel as jarring or threatening.


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