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Mens Gift Set Deal

ShaveMob Gift Sets

Pink can and girly scented foam beware, there’s a new player in town! Although ShaveMob stamped “Men” on this shaving cream, make no mistake, this is the stuff! Men, women and I’d say small children but they’ve got no business shaving, this is the shaving cream we’ve all been waiting for! I mean, Tea Tree Shaving Cream! Can you smell it from there? Refreshing and just divine! Not only that, but these are the razors you’ve only dreamed of – high quality, low cost. For real! 

MEN’s TEA TREE SHAVING CREAM pairs perfectly with your ShaveMOB razors, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

  1. Brush or brushless shaving cream
  2. Cool mint scent
  3. Tea tree tingle
  4. TSA approved 3.4 oz bottle

Oh, and, buy an extra because you’re going to want one for yourself, ladies! Perfect, creamy lather that smells fantastic! 


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I was first introduced to ShaveMob last holiday season when I was curating my Holiday Gift Guide. The boys in this house were ever so grateful to get in a good shave day after day (or week after week for my baby faced turn little man teen). These razors are legit! How do I know? My husband used them without complaint and he’s a picky shaving King! 


 It seems like the holidays start earlier every year and with that, more decisions to be made. It can be overwhelming, not only buying gifts for the family, but everyone else. Think about your male friends, husband, father in-law or your own dad. What’s one thing they all need?

Clean, smooth, smiling faces for holiday photos, of course. Why not make it easy for the men in your life (and you as well) and get them a ShaveMOB Mens Christmas Gift Set

Each one comes with our 4-blade razor, mens handle and snazzy new shaving cream. But you can choose how much you want to spend!

If you love him…
A little = 2-month supply for $16
A lot = 6-month supply for $23
Forever = 12-month supply for $35

ShaveMob Gift sets are also perfect for women! They’ve even got the pretty pink razors you might be looking for in 3, 4 or 6 blade styles!