Five of the Best Cars for a Frugal Family

Due to today’s economy, most families understand the value of sticking to a budget and cutting back. When shopping for a new ride, it is especially important to spend your money wisely. Here are five of the best cars for a frugal family that will keep you on the road and your maintenance expenses down.  

Honda Civic
Based on its superb reliability ratings, the Honda Civic remains one of the most dependable sedans on the market. A well-maintained Civic can easily last for more than 300,000 miles. Not only does the Civic offer adequate room, but it is also quite fun to drive. The standard four-cylinder engine produces just the right amount of power. In terms of fuel efficiency, some models can deliver nearly 40 mpg. 

KIA Soul
For good reason, the KIA Soul has become a very popular crossover SUV. It is a practical family hauler that won’t break the bank. Due to the KIA Soul’s boxy design, it offers far more room than the average compact vehicle, and families will definitely appreciate its five-star safety rating. Some of the available features include satellite radio, heated seats, and Bluetooth technology. 

Volkswagen Golf
For years, the Volkswagen Golf has been praised for its practical design. The Golf is certainly one of the best handling cars in its class. Despite the hatchback’s small appearance, it actually provides enough room for a family of five. Some of the newest models come loaded with a touch-screen sound system and a rear-view camera. 

Honda Fit
When compared to its competition, the Honda Fit proves to be a true value. Auto banks sell the Honda Fit at incredibly affordable prices and the small hatchback’s bulletproof reliability and efficiency make it an outstanding choice. When behind the wheel of the Fit, drivers will be pleasantly surprised. Despite the engine’s small size, Honda’s VTEC technology helps it to deliver a strong performance. 

Nissan Sentra 
If you are looking for an inexpensive family vehicle, the Nissan Sentra could be the perfect option. The small sedan’s low-maintenance design will allow you to save a lot of money. Whether you are picking the kids up from school or commuting to work, the Sentra will keep fuel consumption to a minimum. 

No longer do families have to spend a fortune in order to purchase a high-quality ride. All five of these cars are extremely inexpensive and reliable. Check out new and used options at an Autobank of Kansas City or your local area to save even more. Most families can surely stand to save some extra cash and any of these options can help save you a bundle.