5 Ways to Throw the Best Birthday Party of the Century

There’s a lot more to hosting a birthday party than picking a theme and inviting friends. Ensure that your party is a blast by planning ahead on a few key elements, like…

Keeping the food flowing with keep your guests partying until the late (or early!) hours. If kitchen space is an issue, look into local catering places or restaurants for party specials. Stick to plain, non-sauced finger foods in a buffet format, and bottled drinks. Nothing is worse than having to juggle a messy foods in a crowded space. 

You should try to pull off a mood that compliments the person you are hosting the birthday party for. If that are a happy-go-lucky kind of person, you want to make sure the mood is fun and maybe even playful. If they are more laid back, make sure the mood his calm and chill to where they can just sit back and relax and enjoy everyone’s company.  

This can vary depending on the theme of your party, but should be a central focus. Fill the corridors with balloons, confetti, and any other decorations that you might see fit. Keep it fun and light so that everyone at the party can have a few laughs and genuinely enjoy themselves. You might also consider setting up a dance area and a few different game areas as well.  

Don’t be that host that takes hours to find the perfect track, only to have it blast through tinny laptop speakers. Make sure the music is fun. You will also want to have a variety of music as well. Make sure the dominating genre is the favorite genre of the person you are hosting the birthday party for. You may even want to consider renting a sound system if all you have is a tiny computer. Many places will do both sales and rental, so call around locally, or go online with places like Hollywood DJ. Sometimes you can even take advantage of holiday specials.

Repeat after me: I can’t do it all!

Enlist the help of a few good friends, or go ahead and hunt out those catering packages and DJ setups to cut down on work. Give yourself plenty of time to set up, heat your food, and test out your equipment, and designate a few people to check on things like drinks, food, trash, and electronics throughout the night to ensure things keep going smoothly.

While a unique theme and some good friends might be the start of your party, you can take it to a whole new level by planning some fantastic sounds, sights, and scares to keep them talking for the rest of the year.


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