Six Unique Gathering Places for a Fun Family Reunion

Family Reunions are a great way to get together with family from near and far and catch up on life. Below are some great, unique places your family can reunite in and have a little fun!

National or State Parks
Federal Parks are a great place for any kind of gathering. Often full of great activities to keep you and yours busy, these parks also often feature on-property lodging in cabins or hotels that are affordable and large enough for big groups.

YMCA Retreat Centers
If you have a geographic area in mind, do some research about the YMCA retreat centers near your location. Often these are affordable to rent, and offer lots of activities that are good for rain or shine. Also, they are often near or have onsite conference centers that boast big rooms for convenient gathering spots.

The Smoky Mountains
There are lots of getaways in the smoky mountains that will ensure your family reunion is filled with fun, unique activities such as biking, hiking, or making s’mores around a campfire. Enjoy the mountain views over a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine!

Cities and Conference Centers

If you want to stick to a local or specific area, and aren’t sure how to get everyone together for at least one day, try using a hotel or nearby conference room. This way you don’t have to be in each other’s company for the whole visit, but can still greet and get to know family for at least one day or hour. For example, you might want to peruse the monuments and sites around D.C. at your own pace, but can rent a National 4-H Conference Center to get everyone together at least once during the visit.

Disney Area near Orlando, Florida
If your family has a lot of young members, the Disney area in Orlando, Florida is a great place to try out. Obviously, Disney World is a big draw but also in the area you can find many kids activities from hotel pool and water parks, to fun and exciting dining with cartoon characters that have come to life. Kids love Disney, and they’ll be excited about a reunion held in the heart of this magical kingdom.

A Cruise Ship
One way to keep your family captive during a family reunion weekend, is to book a trip on a cruise ship. Whether it’s in Alaska or in tropical seas, cruises are great ways to keep people entertained and safe, while reuniting and catching up with long-lost family members in a place you’ll all love. 

The Beach
Find a coastal town that boasts big houses, such as on the Florida panhandle or in the Northeastern United States near Cape Cod, and your family will come to the reunion in droves. Family reunions are about fun and family, so taking everyone to the beach and staying in a few large houses will keep everyone together and provide a lot of fun.
There are many varied and unique places to host your next family reunion. The most important part is that all of you are together, and have plenty of time for catching up and building new memories together.