Tips For Making Your Yard More Fun And Kid-Friendly As Your Family Grows

Your yard is a space just waiting for your creative touch. As your family grows, your backyard can be transformed into a haven for creating fun family memories. Here are ideas that go beyond the traditional backyard swing set and slide.


Fence the Yard

Add kid-friendly fencing around the perimeter of the yard. This means fencing that has no sharp points or small holes to trap little fingers. A fence gives kids a safer area in which to play and keeps balls and other rolling toys from escaping the yard into the street or a neighbor’s yard.


Get an Above Ground Pool

An above ground pool is something the whole family can enjoy, and it is a cheaper alternative to in-ground pools. Most cities require you to have appropriate fencing around a yard with a pool, so be sure to check your local laws and keep safety first. An above ground pool from Blue World Pools is a great upgrade for your backyard that kids of all ages can enjoy.


Plant Durable Grass

A soft lawn offers one of the best surfaces for kids’ general play. Some grass types are better than others are at withstanding the wear and tear of children at play. Without good grass, you can expect a lot of bare spots over time. Ask your local extension office about which heavy-duty turf grass grows best in your area. Tell them what


Get a Multipurpose Sports Net

Invest in a net that can be used for volleyball, badminton and other net sports. If you have a large yard, you can set it up in a specific area designated for these kinds of activities. Otherwise, make sure to purchase a net that is easily assembled or disassembled so that you can put it up and take it down as needed.


Create a Picnic Area

Going to the park is fun, but you can also bring a park like atmosphere to your backyard by creating a picnic area. If you already have a back patio, you can easily turn it into an outdoor living area just by adding patio furniture that includes some kind of overhead protection, such as a patio table with an umbrella. Alternatively, create an outdoor eating area for family picnics by smoothing a section of the ground, adding sand or pavers and then adding a patio table or picnic bench.


Dress up a Storage Shed

Storage sheds can easily be converted into children’s playhouses. Cut out spaces for windows and use clear marine vinyl for the panes or leave the spaces open for airflow. Paint it fun colors and add child-sized furnishings.


Some of these backyard changes require an initial investment, but keep in mind that they will bring joy for many years and will save you money on entertainment. You will also be encouraging your children to spend more time playing outside and getting exercise. The investment pays off in many ways.