Just for Kids How to Help Acquaint Your Family With a New House

Families move for a variety of reasons including job transfers, the need for a larger home, or new community opportunities. As a parent, the way you handle moving with children can make a huge difference in their lives, as well as yours. Although, moves can be exciting, parents might need to do a bit of planning and give the kids a little extra attention. 

Telling the Kids about the Move
In some circumstances, you might not have any advanced warning that moving is in your future. When you know you’re moving and have time to plan, let the kids know right away. This gives them adjustment time to ask questions and make plans for their own future. Take the age of each child into consideration as well and explain the need for the move in terms that are easily understood.

Focus on the Positive
Any type of move affects children, but it also affects the parents as well. Even if you have some reservations personally, keep a positive attitude toward the move for the kids’ sake.
It is natural for everyone to focus on the losses they will suffer, from missing friends and leaving behind clubs, communities, and familiar faces. Teens, in particular may focus on losing their boyfriend or girlfriend or not graduating with their class. It is important that parents acknowledge these losses to their kids, but find ways to help them focus on the positive qualities as well.
Parents can talk to the kids about new things they’ll be able to do at the new home, neighborhood, or state such as going to the beach, fishing at a lake, or gardening in a big back yard. Allowing kids to purchase a piece of new bedroom furniture from an affordable  store like Haynes Furniture, or picking out their own bedroom makes kids feel like they are sharing in decision and can help them look forward to the event more.

Dealing with Emotions and Concerns
After the kids have gotten over the news that you’re moving, you’ll need to talk to each child about their feelings or concerns. You may have to explain to young children that the new house has plenty of room for their toys and help acquaint them with a new preschool or playmates. Showing the kids the new neighborhood, house, and school in addition to the community helps to alleviate their fears and get them use to new surroundings. Listening and talking with your kids is the best way to get through a move and enjoy a bright future together. 


Whether you’re going across the country or just across the street, moving is a huge adjustment when the whole family is involved. Make sure you are all prepared by talking together and focusing on the positives. In no time your new place will feel just like home.


5 thoughts on “Moving With Kids: How to Help Acquaint Your Family with a New House

  1. As an expert I know how difficult moving with children can be. We had many clients who are moving house with their children and we’ve seen the problems that the parents are usually facing with telling their children and comforting them about the transition. I can say that it really depends how old the kids are. If they are younger they don’t really mind that they are moving, as the older kids accept the change harder. Thanks for the post! Greets!

  2. I highly appreciate this posted article. It’s so difficult to keep the kids happy after a move, especially when they started missing the old place. Good thing, I read the tips here. Worth the time reading from start to end. Thanks for sharing this by the way.

  3. I totally agree with you! When it comes to moving with kids, it’s all about how you approach the situation and present the idea of moving new a new house. Nice work! Thanks for the advice!

  4. Moving can be a huge stress on young children as they have no idea what is going on. Keeping them calm is a must for a smooth move. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hello Erica,
    Excellent recommendations!
    Last year when we moved to a new place, my daughter was also two years old. Fortunately, she accepted the new environment very easily and fast. I guess the reason was because we took her to this place before and she definitely liked it.Children can be very adaptable.


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