Extreme Sports Why all Parents Should get their Kids into Biking

Cycling as a sport has been in existence for over a century now. It is a sport that is common in many American and European countries. There are some of the countries who use cycling for sport or transport especially countries with flat terrain like Netherlands. Cycling as a sport has been encouraged through sporting competitions. Therefore, it is important for parents to encourage their children to participate in biking for different reasons. Below are some of the reasons that we are going to discuss them in the articles to support it.


Biking is a rigorous activity that makes the body burn excess calories. Sports are crucial especially in fighting lifestyle diseases like hypertension and obesity. Children should be encouraged to participate in the game as it will benefit them health wise. They will be strong and will have reduced chances of becoming obese since most children hate physical activities with video games having replaced the physical games.

Sports and Learning

Biking as a sport can be very influential in the way a child performs at school. Participating in sports relax the mind and hence increasing the concentration ability. Children who perform better are the once who participate in sports. They also communicate better and are more motivated than the once who don’t participate in sports.

Bonding time

Parents can use biking as a way to bond with their children by going for mountain biking. This avenue also provides an avenue for aspiring bikers to meet and interact, talk of challenges, dreams, and ambitions. The cycling sport offers an opportunity of meeting new people and getting to know about different cultures and practices. Parents should encourage biking since they can go out and have fun while taking their holidays in a cycling event. Consequently, children are also motivated to make their parents proud by working hard to win the competition.

Professional athletes

Parents should encourage their children to participate in biking as a profession. Gary Young is a testimony of how biking is a source of income to those who take it seriously. Biking can earn children sporting scholarships if they have a potential of becoming professional cyclists. Children need love and support from parents to excel in an activity they love biking included. Encouragement makes one successful and dedicated bikers can earn their livelihood from it. Considering that it only requires one to buy a sports bike, it’s very affordable to become a professional biker. If they fail to become professional athletes bike enthusiasts can work as coaches and earn their lively hood. Biking is also a source of income to the recreational park owners who own them as they charge people who come to train and participate in competitions in their establishments. It is, therefore, important for parents to encourage children to become bikers as a source of income.

Fosters leadership skills

Sporting activities foster leadership through competitiveness. In the presence of peers, children try to out-compete each other. That is why there has to be a leader in which case they become the captain. Children who are captains can delegate to their team members duties and also lead by example that instills discipline and hard work values. Therefore, parents who encourage their children to get into biking are creating leadership qualities in them.

In conclusion, parents should encourage children to take cycling either as a hobby or as a profession. It does not only ensure that the children remain healthy but also competitive which instills leadership in them. This is something all parents should be proud of as it makes their children better all rounded citizens.