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Folgers Flavors Giveaway

Introducing Folgers Flavors 

Yes, coffee. And, not just any coffee – flavored coffee. The way the good life should be! I’m definitely a hazelnut coffee drinker on the regular but sometimes I want to change things up but don’t want to buy a whole box of k-cups in a varied flavor because I know I won’t drink the various flavors nearly as much as I do the hazelnut. Then, there are days when my husband ever so kindly brews me a cup of coffee and accidentally pops in an unflavored coffee k-cup into the Keurig. After pouring in my cream and a couple of drops of liquid sucralose there’s no way I want to pour the coffee down the drain – now, I don’t have to! In fact, this happened two mornings ago and it was Folgers Flavors Vanilla Coffee Enhancer to the rescue! So yummy!

To be fair, and to honestly share my thoughts with all of you for this post, I did snag a few more cups of the hubs’ breakfast blend so I could try out each of the four flavors in preparation for this post. I didn’t honestly think I’d like the Mocha flavor but it was a delightful suprise. Of course, I love the hazelnut best but the vanilla comes in at a close second followed by the caramel and then the mocha. I really do love them all! Also, I am super happy to use them knowing that they aren’t loaded up with sugar, and in fact contain no sugar at all. Triple win here, folks. Flavored coffee creamers are the bain of my existance since they are all so full of sugar. Being that I’m on a low carb diet (lost 155 pounds in the last 19 months for real!!), I’m careful where I get my carbs and drinking them in my morning brew is last on my mind! A little heavy cream, a splash of liquid sucralose and a squirt of Folgers Flavors and I’m on fast on my way to being somewhat pleasant by 8am. Kidding, kind of! Mornings are sort of a bi$5h! Kids to get out the door, dogs to feed and let out, not to mention I probably stayed up just a little too late the night before basking in the rare quiet. The kids get a bowl of cereal to kick-start their day, I get coffee. Fair’s fair, right?

Folgers gets it. That’s right, Folgers (who makes the best coffee, by the way – I’m a diehard fan of Folgers Gourmet Selections Hazelnut Cream K-cups) gets me! If you’re a flavored only coffee drinker like me, you know the struggle. You know like, you’re traveling and dining out for breakfast and the waitress is ready to pour that steaming hot coffee into your cup and, knowing you need the wake up blast, you suck it up and drink the regular coffee – not anymore! These Folgers Flavors don’t need to be refrigerated and the “convenient, portable squeeze container”small enough to toss in your purse! Coffee break = saved. You can even squirt them into your iced coffee and mix and match them to get that extra gourmet coffee whoosaaaa moment on. 

For more information, about the Folgers brand and their fantastic Folgers Flavors visit www.Folgers.com or click on any of the links below to connect with these coffee geniuses!

Folgers Flavors Giveaway

Okay, now about that giveaway I promised! Fill out the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win two samples of Folgers Flavors! Da Rules: Contest entrants are only eligible to win once per sweepstake, per household as part of a campaign sponsored by Influence Central.

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“Day and Night” – Mike Tompkins

“Day & Night” (video below) was inspired by Mike Tompkins‘ new family and Folgers Flavors® Coffee Enhancers and features a first-time-ever look into his day-to-day life and creative process. With so much going on, Mike enjoys looking for convenient ways to add a unique spin to the special moments in his day from an on-the-go coffee break to family time. Plus, this song is pretty catchy! Pour yourself a nice hot cup of coffee, add in a squirt of your favorite Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancer and turn up your speakers! Don’t see the video below? Click here to watch Mike Tompkins’ remix the Folgers jingle a capella style! 


23 thoughts on “Ahhhh. Coffee! Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancers Giveaway #RemixYourCoffee #IC #AD

  1. I’m obsessed with coffee, it keeps me energized being a new mom! I think I’d like Caramel best!

  2. the mocha flavor sounds good.haven’t had my coffee. my coffee machine broke.gonna have to get one fast. Enjoy your coffee. i envy you.lol

  3. I would prefer either the mocha or caramel. Honestly,I don’t have a funny bone in my body. The only reason people laugh at me is for doing unintentionally stupid things. I love to laugh though.

  4. i would like to try Hazelnut because i am a nut who loves her Folgers coffee it helps me wake up

  5. Vanilla has my vote, yum! I love vanilla flavored anything. I’m human 😛 had a french vanilla coffee this morning and it was amazing, I’m preggo so limited to so much a day, but I cherish every drop!

  6. I think the Mocha would be my favorite. I think that I am probably on about my 10th cup of coffee for the day. I know I drink way too much but if I didn’t I think that seeing those little gray hairs sprouting out of my parted hair would drive me to drink something stronger.

  7. I’d like to try the carmel flavor. Too bad there isn’t a carmel and mocha flavor, my two favorite coffee flavors together.

    1. You just might get your chance to give those flavors a try! Congratulations to you, the winner of this fun sweepstakes! Watch your inbox for an email from me and thank you so much for entering!

  8. I think I would like the Mocha… and I cannot be funny….but I did see a funny meme today it said I need something in between coffee and cocaine..that is sooo true..

  9. They all look so good but, I would love to try the Vanilla and Caramel. I can only drink coffee with flavored creamer in it.

  10. I would like the vanilla. Unfortunately I have no witty stories today because I have not had any coffee. Thank you

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