It isn’t easy being a mom and for most of us it is a steep learning curve when babies come along. Celebrity moms are really no different to you or I, but there is still a lot you can learn from how they do things, even if it is only how not to dress whilst pregnant.

Ask for Help

Most celebrity moms have help raising their kids. No matter how hands-on they claim to be when recording an interview, we all know they have personal chefs preparing nutritious, healthy meals, nannies to do the school run and take care of the little ones while mummy is at a soul cycle class, and a personal assistant to update the Instagram account with lots of cute pics of mommy, daddy and baby. So what you should take away from this is that there is no shame in getting as much help as possible.

All Kids have Tantrums

When you are stuck in the local supermarket with a screaming toddler thinking “why me?” just be grateful you are not sitting on the front row of NYFW with a stony-faced Vogue editor beside you. Yes, even celebrity kids have complete meltdowns in public so you are definitely not alone. And luckily for you, your toddler’s tantrums don’t make it on to the front page of the Daily Mail.

Money Doesn’t Make Kids Happy

We all want what we can’t have and kids are no exception to the rule. Celebrity kids are born into a world of immense wealth and opportunity, yet they often grow up with tremendous problems, including substance addictions and emotional issues. So instead of feeling guilty when you have to say no to your child’s request for a new iPhone because you can’t afford it, resolve to spend a bit more quality time with your kids and enjoy their company instead of worrying about money.

Always Schedule Some “Me” Time

We all need a bit of time to ourselves, but moms usually end up putting everyone else’s needs before they own. Celebrity moms rarely do this. They don’t feel guilty about heading out to a film premiere or a girl’s weekend in Vegas while the nanny takes care of the kids. So take a leaf out of their book and let your other half have the kids for a few hours at the weekend. Run a hot bath, pour a glass of wine, and chill.

Never Admit to Having Botox

Botox is far more socially acceptable these days, but most celebrities won’t admit to having any work done unless they have no choice but to ‘fess up. So if you do decide to have a botox Cheltenham treatment to help counteract the stresses of being a parent, just look innocent and smile sweetly when people start asking you how you manage to stay looking so youthful.

Always remember, celebrity moms might make it look incredibly easy, but the reality is that they have an awful lot of help.