6 Tips To Help Your Kids Get More Excited About After-School Programs

For parents who plan to enroll their children in after-school programs, it’s important to discuss the transition with the kids to ensure that they’re prepared. Many children may react out of nervousness or fear, making it important to point out the benefits and why they’ll enjoy it. By discussing how much the children will benefit from the after-school programs, it will allow them to be excited for the activity instead of feeling homesick.

1. Talk About Meeting New Friends

Discuss how the after-school program will be a great place to meet new friends for the child. They’ll be able to spend time with other boys or girls their own age and can play games after school instead of heading home to do homework.

2. Discuss Sports They Can Play

For children who enjoy being active, they can benefit from the after-school program by playing a variety of different sports that they may not be able to play at recess. This includes soccer, volleyball, and basketball for a great way to compete while having fun.

3. Mention Crafts or Activities

You can prompt your child to feel excited about the after-school program by discussing the various crafts that they’ll make. They’ll also be able to enjoy painting, drawing, or writing for a great outlet that they can look forward to each day. They’ll even be able to take the crafts home or give them as gifts.

4. A Time for Video Games

Discuss the arcade or video games that may be available at the program. Your child can enjoy exploring a fun area while also playing on foosball and air hockey tables. This may be the only time the can participate in things like video games, making it more fun for them, and allowing them to do other activities at home.

5. Purchase Gifts

If the after-school program has a gift center, allow your child to have an allowance each week to purchase souvenirs or small toys to bring home. They can even use this opportunity to gifts for siblings and family for birthdays or the holidays.

6. Spend Time Outdoors

Discuss how a significant portion of the program will be spent outdoors, making it easy to play tag or sit on the grass and craft. Your child will enjoy getting a break from the classroom setting and playing outdoors until you arrive. It’s a great way to release energy.


By showing your child the benefits of spending time at an after-school program, they’ll have something to look forward to during the school day. They’ll also have the opportunity to develop their independence while making new friends before it’s time to head home. After-school programs also have the added benefit of opportunities to go on a retreat. The 4H Center is a great place for many retreats. No matter what time of program your kids are involved in, there are many ways to get them more excited.