Best Birthday Six Ideas for an Adorable Disney Princess Day 2Every little girl wants to be a princess, and a Disney princess themed party is a popular option among parents today. Use these tips and some of your own talents and creativity to create a perfectly princess themed party for your little one!

Costumed Characters
Invite some very special guests in the form of costumed characters. Enlist family and friends to help portray all her favorite characters. There are also many services who can be hired out for this very purpose. To make this a real treat, include a Prince Charming. 

Having each guest dress-up in a princess outfit will add to the fairy tale theme and is a lot of fun for little girls. Make it a costume party and have them arrive in their own dresses, or start this whimsical component as guests arrive and have boxes and trunks filled with gowns and crowns at the ready, so dressing up is part of the party right away. Incorporate servants dressed for the occasion with your parent guests if they’re game.

Cakes and Cupcakes
Whether it’s a Princess and the Frog, Little Mermaid, or a classic Cinderella Ball, the cake should be a star of the show. Elaborate tiers and colorful toppers are great for a big cake. If your princess is a bit smaller, a platter of smaller cupcakes can help you keep messes minimized.

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If there are venues in the area with castle backdrops, book it. Find out if they provide decorations, or if you can you bring your own. Even if they do, insist on bringing yours to put the party over the top. Places like Noahs Event Venues are perfect for birthdays since they allow you to choose the room and the equipment necessary. Most meeting locations are flexible when it comes to theme decorations, and even offer discounts for parties that bring these items. If your birthday girl is more of a mermaid, set up a party with your local pool and rec center. And a backyard picnic might be the perfect place for a woodland Sleeping Beauty fairy tale.

Accessories are the finishing touches when it comes to making your party just scream princess. Here is where you’ll want to pay attention to theme and story. A Jasmine loving girl might appreciate a living room adorned with magic carpets, and a Frozen obsessed princess will love a room outfitted with snowflakes and icicles. Tiaras are always a welcome parting gift for friends, and magic wands give them a chance to play and pretend before saying goodbye.

Add a Ball
Balls are a must for any Disney Princess Day. Play music for the girls to dance to, and have your Prince Charming twirl each one. Play games like freeze dance and musical chairs to their favorite Disney songs. Consider playing a favorite Disney movie such as Cinderella in the background with the sound off as well. At the end of the party or ball, distribute goodies boxes with the guest’s name on them. 

Have fun with this special occasion. Get family and friends in on the roles instead of sitting idle, and take loads of pictures and videos. This well-planned and adorable event will be revisited many times throughout the years.

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