Deciding On The Best Methods To Protect Your Home And Family

A sense of safety and security is the foundation upon which we build our lives. While life provides no real guarantees, we all want to do everything in our power to protect ourselves and our families. Rising crime statistics and sensationalistic news stories contribute to people feeling afraid. However, fear can often prove to be as destructive as the things we fear, so there are some positive steps you can take to reduce fear while increasing safety.

Neighborhood Watches

The old-fashioned concept of neighborhood watches has gone high tech with the emergence of online neighborhood associations. For neighbors who work different shifts or have busy schedules and aren’t able to plan or attend meetings in person, this is a great way to connect, stay informed, and participate in help keeping your neighborhood safe. People are using these sites in greater numbers every day to report crime, organize community activities, and arrange house-sitting coverage during vacations. An engaged and aware community with a common goal of reducing crime through mutual cooperation is one of the most effective tools for creating a sense of neighborhood safety. It’s also low-cost in that it requires only your time.

Loyal and Protective Pets

Many people love dogs, and find that one of the fringe benefits of owning one is that dogs often alert their owners when a stranger is approaching the house. The sound of a barking dog has deterred many a potential burglar. If you’re thinking of getting a dog for protection, there are certain breeds recommended by expert dog trainers that possess the strength and the temperament to excel as loyal watchdogs. There is some initial investment in purchasing and training your dog, as well as the cost of food and veterinary care, but most people find the emotional benefits well worth it. However, not all breeds that are suitable as watchdogs make appropriate family pets for those with young children. Smaller dogs can still provide first response warnings of intruders, but many never quite learn that the mail carrier doesn’t pose a grave threat.

Lights and Cameras

Investing in motion sensor lights is a relatively inexpensive way to both be alerted when someone comes onto your property and avoid potentially dangerous accidents. Mass production has also made security cameras an affordable choice for people to install in strategic locations to alert them of any unusual or suspicious activity on less visible parts of their property. Combined with a software app, cameras can provide live streaming footage straight to a smart phone. Lights and cameras are now included in most high tech security systems.

Security Systems

Today’s smart home security systems are truly amazing. Utilizing complex software, they are capable of sending the owner a text message whenever a window or door is opened, even without arming the system first. Many systems are now combined with home automation technology that allows lights, appliances, and all electronic devices to be accessed remotely or pre-programmed according to your family’s schedule. A Northstar home alarm system allows you to have 24/7 monitoring and a fast response time when you need help.


Look for any weaknesses with your home and make changes accordingly. Landscaping can be one of those weaknesses if it provides a hiding place rather than a barrier. The best security systems utilize a combination of hardware, software, and active community involvement. Helping one another stay safe and secure is what community is all about.




18 thoughts on “Home Security 101: Deciding On The Best Methods To Protect Your Home And Family

  1. It’s pretty incredible how the smart phone has changed the level of awareness we can have when we’re away from home. Anything from keeping an eye on your kids after school until you get home to making sure everything’s secure during your vacation is possible right from your phone.

    And, most of the time you can monitor things yourself after a ~$200 investment . . . much better than $45 a month for 3 years!

  2. When we had our long vacation with my family, I assured that the house will be secured while were away. We installed CCTV cameras in every area of the house and house alarm when someone was acting to open the windows or doors just to get in. I think, this is the most effective ways to leave the house secured on a vacation.

  3. I agree that security cameras are good to have in order to help in the prevention of your home being burglarized. I also think that having an app which allows you to see the footage is great, especially for when you are on vacation. I’m also of the opinion that one should never assume their town is too safe to need to protect their home with security cameras.

  4. Home security is a great way to have a safest home. Thank you for sharing the Best Methods To Protect Your Home And Family.

  5. I really like the security system my sister just had installed in her home. I would agree that it’s amazing hoe much it can do, and even how much she can do with it from her smartphone. We are in an apartment, so I can’t get one installed here. I can’t wait til we live in a place that allows them, though!

  6. Thinking of the best suited security plan for our home can be overwhelming, and I believe this. Putting the lives of our loved ones at stake is our main concern, so we need the accurate method the most possible. I agree with some of your proposals. Thanks for more ideas.

  7. Hi, Erica

    In terms of the safety of you and your family, no chances should be taken. On the subject of the safety of your own home, all precautions must be taken. It’s a tough world at this time, particularly with the worldwide economic disaster, and it’s not a shock that extra individuals are turning to crime to make fast money.

    Doesn’t be a victim; be aware. Install your very own wireless security alarms now.

    I thank you for sharing this post and motivating people to get security alarms installed.

  8. I like the idea of having motion sensor lighting for your home. It’s sure to be a deterrent against burglars who don’t want to be seen. If you’re in a high-crime area, it’s still probably good to get a full security system as well; however, motion sensor lights can be a cheap substitute for some people. Thanks for the tips.

  9. We have always taken home security very seriously. However, we have never thought to involve the neighborhood too, that is a great idea. We should also upgrade our security system to make it a little more effective. Anyway, thanks for the advice!

  10. Building a life that is secure, I would agree is important. I like that installation of a security system can help keep your home be protected. I like that you can even get cameras that will allow you to have access to what happens when you are not home.

  11. Interesting post. I am looking for CCTV cameras to install at my home, to increase the security and thus ensure the well being of my family. I found these tips very helpful. I will surely pass to this to my friends. Home surveillance is now became the need due to much increase in crime rate. I want to install those cameras , which can be connected with my mobile phone. It will helps to monitor my family, even when I am not at home.

  12. A security system like the one you describe with all those useful features sure is one that I would be willing to take a look at. It’s surprising to see how much security systems have changed for nearly 25 years. Home protection is so very important, especially in order to make sure everything is running smoothly and you can feel safe within your surroundings!

  13. Home security is major concern now days and security system really helped lot in it. The post you have written above includes all the essential points to buy a quality security system.

    Thank you.

  14. When you take a word about home security, you can be your worst enemy – misjudging the situation can deliver a lot of harm – for example, we all know about locks on doors but keep forget you can break glass and successfully gain entry to a house.
    If you want to have a somewhat control for your house – ask a close friend to visit apartment from time to time.
    This way, you aont need an expensive CCTV system. I can see the usage of remote access so you can see your home from miles away but be aware of hackers. If you can get access to your house, they can do it too.

  15. Security camera and a bunch of dogs. Why bunch o dogs? Because there are dogs that do not respond well to strangers. Besides there are burglars who poison dogs before they attack the target house.

  16. Hi, Erica
    I have a three years old baby and I am a single working mother.So, it is my need to have a babysitter for my toddler.I have installed CCTV camera in my house and I can leave for work without any worries, As I know that everything that babysitter does will be captured on camera.
    Thanks to the security system.

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