Palace at Home, 4 Ways to Create a Lush Master Bedroom

Whether you are looking to increase the value of your property or would simply like to make your home more comfortable, a lavish master bedroom is an absolute must for everyone. Instead of tearing down the room and starting from scratch, take a look at these four affordable upgrades that will make these rooms more luxurious and relaxing than ever.

1. A Reading Nook

Relaxing doesn’t necessarily mean taking a long bath or catching up on some TV while in bed. Making your master bedroom stand out may require nothing more than a reading nook. The two key elements of a reading nook are comfortable seating for two people and a good light source such as a window with direct sunlight. You may want to add some new gadgets or electronics to your bedroom, but the reading nook should be kept as basic and tech-free as possible.

2. Rethink Ceiling Lights

Ceiling fixtures that light up a whole room are important throughout the rest of the house, but they can typically be avoided in the master bedroom. Instead, homeowners should start looking at ways that they can add a little light to the room without an overwhelming glare. Bedside lights are a great place to start, but electronic candles, real candles, sweeping windows, and sun tubes also make excellent additions.

3. Bedding Ensembles

It is your bed that sets this room apart from everywhere else in your house, and this means that second-rate linens won’t do. No matter the size of your bed, it is important to find a matching ensemble with high-quality fabrics and timeless designs. When it comes to updating the look of your bedroom, King Linen is one of the most affordable places for anyone to start.

4. Add a Source of Heat

Relying on vents to blow in heat from the central HVAC system is utilitarian at best. While there is nothing wrong with relying on the vents to keep your master bedroom warm, a great way to turn this room into a luxurious retreat is to add an additional heat source. Some of the best options include fireplaces, cast iron furnaces, wood pellet stoves, and heated floors.


Depending on the location and design of your home, your master bedroom revamp could have a return-on-investment as high as 74 percent. These four basic upgrades are a great way to get the most out of your rebuild without turning this into an overwhelming and expensive project.