6 Of The Best Family-Friendly And Safest Vehicles You Should Consider


As your family starts to grow, so does your need for a vehicle that can not only fit your entire family, but that’s also going to keep them safe. Luckily, with continued advances in technology and car design, the market is full of safe and family-friendly vehicles to choose from.

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey minivan makes moving from a luxury or sporty car to a minivan that much easier, with features that appeal both to look and safety. Stocked with a modern interior and agility on the road, the Odyssey boasts a built in vacuum and cooler alongside lane departure and collision warning systems and parking sensors.

Nissan Murano

Along with being one of the most affordable mid-sized SUVs, this two-row vehicle combines great fuel economy with safety features like a rear-view camera and optional Around View 360-degree camera system. It’s a great option for families looking for a a little extra room without opting for the full-sized SUVs.

Chevrolet Impala

The large Chevy Impala sedan is perfect for when you want the size and feel of a sedan, but still have enough room to fit your family. This model provides plenty of room for both front and rear passengers, and a long list of safety features with rear-view cameras, blind-spot warnings and a five-star government crash test rating.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

When looking at family-friendly hybrids, the Ford Fusion hybrid model rises to the top of the pack. Like the Impala, the Fusion offers plenty of space for your growing family while still packing impressive safety features on top of gas savings. Features include eight standard airbags with Personal Safety System airbag adjustment sensors and AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control.

Ford F150 Supercrew

When you still need to have a workhorse vehicle, a family-friendly truck is a good compromise. Consider the Ford F150 Supercrew with its similar features to a luxury sedan and ample room for passengers, while still having best in class towing capabilities.

Volvo V60

If a wagon is more your style, the Volvo V60 is one you should consider for your family. With a combination of sonar, radar and cameras, the V60 is built for safety. The car also has an autonomous breaking feature to help stop the car automatically if it senses a collision is imminent.


No matter what your make or model preference, any one of these vehicles can help ensure your growing family stays safe and stylish at the same time. For a quick and easy way to research and find a vehicle that would work best for your family, check out Autobank of Kansas City. You can find great deals online when you are ready to purchase a new or used vehicle.